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By Gavin Raath

SWARTZ CREEK, Michigan — Someone asked me at the start of the Holly/Swartz Creek game on Friday night, “why did you come to this game?”  I chuckled in response, but wanted to say to that Holly fan, “because I think Creek wins this one.”

Holly is without two key transfers in Thomas Lovachis and Josh Fugate, but should have been the favorite in this game.  But at home, and with its new coach Jeremy Trent looking to send a message against the conference’s best, I had hunch it would go another way.

After a low scoring game that saw Creek outscore Holly the last three quarters to secure the win, I would say Coach Trent’s message was received — and the Metro had better serve notice. (more…)


Rarely does a short game recap and box score really tell the whole story.

Case in point is Friday night’s game between Fenton and Swartz Creek in the Flint Metro League. In the paper it looked like a pretty typical game, close throughout with the eventual winner (Fenton) pulling away at the end.

But, look closer and you’ll find what may go down as the most impressive performance from any player in Flint this season.

Swartz Creek’s Cody Campbell, a 5-9 senior point guard, scored 25 points on seven 3-pointers  just one game removed from a hairline fracture of his wrist he suffered on Tuesday night against Flint Southwestern.

Campbell could only dribble with one hand as the other was in a cast.

I wish I could have been there to see it, but I guess the sight of seeing Campbell dribbling through a crowd and going around his back (with one hand) was something to behold.

Nice work.

— Jared Field