Lost track of Grand Blanc’s Adrian Hunter? We found him

Posted: November 14, 2009 by Jared Field in Big Nine, College

Adrian Hunter

Recently I had an old friend and basketball junkie ask me a question that, I was surprised, I actually had the answer to:”Where in the heck is Adrian Hunter?”

Having taken a new job and moved to Detroit, I’ve been a little out of the basketball loop for the past few months.

He’s not at Central Michigan anymore. He recently landed at Southern Nazarene University in Bethany near Oklahoma City, roughly a mile from the boyhood home of GLH editor Gavin Raath.

Hunter was the show at Grand Blanc after transferring in the from Flint as a sophomore. As a senior, Hunter averaged 18 points,  six assists and seven rebounds per game before earning a scholarship to play for Ernie Ziegler at Central Michigan University.

Hunter left Mt. Pleasant after his freshman season and is currently coming off the bench for the Red Storm. He ‘s scored seven points in three games there.

— By Jared Field | Great Lakes Hoops


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