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  1. Coach Hawkins says:

    Don’t know if you guys know but we will be hosting the 3rd Annual Super Scrimmage @ Lansing Eastern on November 27 & 28th. Freshman & JV will play on Friday and Varsity will play on Saturday [email protected] 9 am. Teams invited include: AA Huron, Benton Harbor, Detroit Cass Tech, Detroit Pershing, Detroit Loyola, Detroit Country Day, GR Ottawa Hills, Lansing Sexton, Lansing Everett, Cincinnati Withrow, Muskegon Heights, Saginaw Arthur Hill, Warren DeLaSalle, Dearborn Robichaud, and Kalamazoo Central.

  2. Heidi Dean says:

    Your GLH heading picture shows Manny in his Michigan uniform, DayDay in his State uniform, and Brad in his Frankenmuth uniform…..get a current picture of Brad in his Xavier uniform and show him the respect that HE deserves!


    • Jared Field says:

      Heidi —

      It’s no disrespect to Brad. It’s just a Michigan thing, you know?

      Frankenmuth is in Michigan. Cincinnati is in that wretched stinkhole of a state to our south.

  3. chris jones says:

    Whats up Great Lakes.
    ive met u before and im sure u kno who i am, chris jones from saginaw heritage. i check up on your website probably every day. honestly u hav not given me one single ounce of credit for anything i hav done this year. all u write about is james and aj. although u dont like kirtland, i feel like i still accomplished my goal of pursuing my dream. u writin about aj and big twin goin to delta. since when has Delta even been half way descent. 3 years ago when coach ty first started coaching at kirtland, they finished second in their conference behind mott. check that out. all im asking for is a little respect, and maybe a shout out to me. i mean, i did finish second in scoring this year, right behind aj. i broke many school records, but when u mention my name, its always very brief. no credit where it was earned. thanks
    i just felt like i should let u kno how i feel.

    • j says:

      a great player never asks to get recognized nor should it let it ruin there game…a great player never cares if there in the paper…what you should be worried about is if mcgregor sees this online and doesnt make you run till you puke…

  4. Williford says:

    EARN it Jones. Just be because nobody is giving you recognition doesn’t mean you’re not good. Congrats on Kirkland.

  5. WANTED: Student /Athletes who wish to continue his/her playing days at a Catholic, Conservative, 4-year college that is affiliated with the University of Notre Dame.
    Relatively new NAIA sports programs being offered at Holy Cross College in South Bend, IN.
    Please visit our website:
    Prospective transfer students: please fax your transcripts to 574-239-1077, attention: Coach Weathers
    Athletic Website:

    We are looking for “athletes” who want to establish a winning tradition & program–contact us to join the Saints today!

    • Jared Field says:

      This is a weird coincidence. I’ve taken classes at HCC before.

      • WOW! That is a coincidence!
        In any regard, we are looking for student/athlete’s who are looking for an outstanding education in a small-college setting. Excellent place to extend a playing career while being involved in a dynamic & unique college community.

  6. Dean Oakwood says:


    I was re-visiting this site’s post from last year that examined why John Beilein’s contract should or shouldn’t be extended (some post about Beilein’s Magic Bus).

    I stated in the comments that I thought that Darius Morris was a stud point guard, but you wrote a long rebuttal about how he wasn’t. Here we are a year later Care to retract?

    Either way, I guess the progress that Morris, Vogrich, and others have made proves the worthiness of the contract extension.

    Dean Oakwood

    • Jared Field says:

      I mean, no one really projected Morris to go from nothing to an NBA prospect so quickly.

      Morris had an awful freshman year.

      You are 100% right about Belein though. I’ve been critical of his recruiting, but he got players with Hardaway and Morris.

  7. Freddie McCoy says:

    Jared, whatever happen to Shane Moreland, I see that his older brother, Tyler plays for Aquinas College this season

  8. Mr. #44 says:

    First and foremost I would like to just thank everyone who put in work and believed in me in highschool, the ones that still keep in contact and the ones that was my favorite and kept on me that I never hear from anymore. I realized I had to motivate myself before I seek motivation from anyone else simply because I owe it to myself. I might not have mad the right decisions in my life but God is working with me and I feel like still can achieve the goals I had at hand before. Call me what you want and criticize me as much as you want, I believe I still can make it. I will be making up my last 3 credit hours this December in order to play collegiate basketball. Where I will be going I haven’t the slightest clue but it will be close. Ill be working and working my hardest to get in shape perform above and beyond and prove not to people that doubted me.. but to myself that I am a top player, in all aspects of the game. I simply wanted to state this on here because I know most are wondering where I been, and for the ones that haven’t even bothered to check on me for something as simple as my well being. I said this time and time about what I was going to do. Its time for action instead of just words. Thanks Jared for staying on me I’ll make it up to you next year I promise. Sincerely

    Mr. #44

  9. K-Flash says:

    Who is being looked at for Mr.Basketball other then Beechers,Monte Morris?

  10. Mark Kehoe says:

    What’s happened to the BallinMichigan web site? The last article I see is dated December 30.

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