Oopsy Noopy? Former Flint SWA star named primary suspect in USF thefts

Posted: November 19, 2009 by Jared Field in College
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Amid allegations of impropriety against Stan Heath’s basketball program at The University of South Florida, Flint-area basketball fans will be interested to read this about former Flint Southwestern standout Anthony “Noopy” Crater.

From Fanhouse:

Besides the alleged violations, three current USF players — Dominique Jones, Anthony Crater and Justin Leemow — were the primary suspects in the April 2009 theft of nearly $8,000 worth of items stolen from former players Gaby Belardo and Jesus Verdejo, according to a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office report. The father of one of the victims said he believes that Heath never contacted the police about the burglary to protect the current players. The items have not been recovered and no charges were filed.

Crater prepped at SWA for three years before transferring to New Hampshire for his senior season. He quit Ohio State’s team last season after claiming that Coach Thad Matta promised him the starting job — a claim Matta denies.

  1. Williford says:

    Wow. This is ridiculous. I went to school with Crater. I certainly hope this isn’t true. I hope that he didn’t actually commit these crimes. It’s only going to shine an already dim light on the reputation of Flint as a city as well as from a basketball standpoint. Tisk tisk.

  2. scott baryo says:

    Who was the fool that told that young man to leave Ohio State. Been one thing after another with him. He has a load of talent, some fool filled his head with that persons dream and the young man listen to him and look now all that talent is going to waste. Now the young man might be as well. What a shame

  3. Williford says:

    I won’t name any names, but I’m well aware of the person who persuaded him to leave OSU.

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