That’s a stretch: Greg Kampe called ‘top 10’ college hoops coach

Posted: November 26, 2009 by Jared Field in College
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Imagine my surprise when I ran across this little nugget about Oakland University head coach Greg Kampe.


Kampe has had opportunities to coach elsewhere, but he has stayed in Rochester, MI. In fact only four active Division I coaches have been at their respective schools longer than coach Kampe, trailing Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim’s 33 seasons. Kampe is never mentioned among the better coaches in college basketball, due in large part because coaches are measured by postseason success.

If he were at a big-time school he would be considered among the elite coaches in the game. Make no mistake about it; Greg Kampe is one of the top 10 coaches in college basketball. That’s not a misprint.

Of course I’m not saying that Kampe stinks, but since moving to the Summit League in 1998, Oakland has won the conference only once and Kampe’s record is a ho-hum .500 during that time.

Of these 10 coaches, I’m curious which one should be left out in favor of Kampe: Coach K (Duke), Roy Williams (UNC), Tom Izzo (MSU), Bill Self (Kansas), Mark Few (Gonzaga), Rick Barnes (Texas), John Calipari (UK), Ben Howland (UCLA), Jim Boeheim (Syracuse) and Billy Donovan (Florida).

— Jared Field

  1. BPB says:

    Rick Barnes? You really think Rick Barnes is a top 10 coach? The cat gets top recruiting classes year after year and somehow manages to do nothing with them! The guy refuses to get out of a 2-3 zone when other teams such as Michigan State the last three years have shot them out of it. Way overrated as a coach!

  2. Not to mention Jim Calhoun (UCONN), Bruce Pearl (TENN), Rick Pitino (Louisville), Gary Williams (Maryland), Thad Matta (OSU), etc.

  3. SBell says:

    Barnes got it done at Clemson as well, when the ACC was maybe even more loaded than usual in the mid-90s. Got one of those teams to the Sweet 16.

  4. midwestjuco says:

    I said that two years ago and got lambasted. I think last year was probably his best season since the Courtney Scott era. Oakland. I think OU will win their conference this season. But I don’t think Kampe is one of the top ten coaches in the country. He has a chance to silence hi critics. There have been good players at Oakland and this year’s team is experienced and has played in some big games. Maybe the experience will make a difference.

  5. bbfan says:

    Kampe is a horrible coach, the only thing he does well is recruit. If he was good at the Xs and Os they would be a poor mans Butler. They have more talent (not even close) then any team in their league yet he doesn’t even come close to owning that league.

  6. Williford says:

    He obviously not a horrible coach if he has the credentials that he has.

  7. Sportsdoctor05 says:

    Kampe’s record is not that great bc he challenges his teams every season w/ brutal nonconference schedules. Over the past two seasons OU has played: Mich State (2), Syracuse (2), Wisconsin, Michigan, Memphis, Oregon (2), Kansas State, Kansas, I could go on and on, but u get the picture. They could easily play the run of the mill mid majors of the world, but they don’t.

    I agree that he’s not a top 10 coach out at all. He’s not horrible either. He’s ok, he’s good 4 the level OU is at right now (Summit league). Think about it, the Grizz have played in 3 of the last 5 SL championship games, winning once and going to the NCAA’s in 2005.

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