Lansing-area top 10 players: Big men dominate ranking

Posted: December 2, 2009 by Gavin Raath in High School
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Alex Gauna, Eaton Rapids | ESPN

I may have seemed obsessed with point guards in my last post, but the Lansing area’s best is full of bigs instead. 

1. Alex Gauna  6’9″  Senior  Eaton Rapids — The MSU commit has evolved his game consistently since he was a freshman.  Easily the best Lansing has to offer. 

 2. Cole Darling  6’7″  Senior  Holt — Wright State commit is a total stud.

 3. Jon Horford  6’9″  Senior  Grand Ledge — It will be interesting to see where this high major prospect lands.  Ultra talented.

 4. LaDontae Henton  6’6″  Junior  Lansing Eastern — His production is more inside than outside, though many hoped he’d be a legit wing by now. 

5. Mitch Asmus  6’4″  Senior  Okemos — Looked really nice year playing off of Bader, but will have no problem being the man this season.

 6. Donlunto Jackson  5’8″  Senior  Holt — Cat-quick point guard that has been starting in the CAAC since the 90s.

 7. Andrew Lerg  6’0″  Senior  DeWitt — Ultra-tough kid with a great all-around game. 

 8. Skyelar Moore  6’2″  Junior  Lansing Waverly — Big-time scorer for Waverly and one of the best guards in his class.

 9. Michael DeVries  6’6″  Senior  Lansing Christian — One of the top big men in class D.

10. Denzel Valentine  6’5″  Sophomore  Lansing Sexton — All signs are pointing to Denzel being right in line with his family, talent-wise.

Honorable mentions:

Jordan Gorshe 6’4” Senior Fowlerville

Alex Archambeau  6’4″  Senior  Eaton Rapids

Austin Barnes  6’6″  Senior  Lansing Waverly

Cameron Sanchez  6’0″  Senior  Lansing Eastern

Jonah Hatt  6’2″  Senior  Lansing Christian

Mack McKearney  5’11”  Junior  Okemos

Andy Moran 6’4” Senior Webberville

James Suttles  6’7″  Senior  Lansing Sexton

Gavin Raath

  1. Jared Jackson says:

    Jonah Hatt are you kidding me I saw this kid play this summer with Lansing Christian he can barely handle the rock and his shot is off, that wasn’t just one game either I saw probably 6 of their games and he did nothing.

  2. John says:

    i think cameron sanchez is the skilled wing player from eastern high school… and yes, he can play.

  3. John says:

    also, the soph point guard from okemos – harrison-docks, i think, is the real deal and he will tell you about it. and okemos has an import that is tall and can play.

    finally, you got cha cha tucker at eastern. he will start for them all year probably.

  4. John says:

    and marcus cain and tyrin wade from sexton and tyler tucker and scott-emaukpor from east lansing and then you have all the jackson are players, but im not sure if you are counting them as lansing based.

  5. Jared Jackson says:

    anybody can dunk the ball now days that don’t mean nothin when it comes down to top players

  6. Marcellus Miller says:

    Cha Cha has some serious skills, I would agree…

  7. Marcellus Miller says:

    …and Jonah will surprise a bunch of people…

  8. Jared Jackson says:

    I’m sure there happy to have him he can jump and get boards but he will need to do more than that and as for surprising people i dunno about that I think he is a nice addition but i don’t see him doing to much other than getting some put backs and the occasional jumper

  9. Eric says:

    where is big man Jordan Gorshe or maybe Jordan St Charles of fowlerville, those kids can play basketball, maybe even andy moran of webberville small town kid with tons of heart

    • Gavin Raath says:

      Love all three of those guys. This piece actually wasn’t supposed to be published. It was still in an editing phase, but was published by mistake. Sorry for its incomplete nature. The CAAC-Blue preview, which is the cover story now, should be a little more thorough.

  10. Chandler says:

    I think Nate Duhon from Lansing Sexton is pretty sweet. wait he graduated didn’t he? oops 😉

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