Arthur Hill falls, but Maurice Jones makes case for Mr. Basketball bid

Posted: December 27, 2009 by Jared Field in High School
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I wrote last week after the holiday tournament at Saginaw Arthur Hill that 5-6 senior guard Maurice Jones is the best basketball player in Michigan. It was a bit of a departure for me, since I’d been singing the praises of Detroit Country Day’s Ray McCallum, who I still believe is the most college-ready player in Michigan.

On Friday, Maurice Jones had a chance to make his case that he, not McCallum, Trey Zeigler (Mt. Pleasant) or Keith Appling (Detroit Pershing), is the best player in the state.

The Lumberjacks lost by eight to Appling’s Doughboys, but Pookie put on a show with 49 points and 11 assists. Appling’s not exactly chopped liver, of course. He had 38 points, 11 shy of his 49-point effort at the Breslin Center in March against K-Zoo Central.

Even so, Jones will be Mr. Basketball in 2010. No one will be able to forget the kid who couldn’t weigh more than 130 pounds looking like Brandon Jennings against Golden State.

No one can touch him in transition; no one can guard him in the halfcourt and, without doubt, no one is more important to his team.

— Jared Field

  1. Williford says:

    Those are just downright insane numbers. Both players are going to be valuable assets on college teams.

    • KHP says:

      Jones racked up most of those points when his team was down 20+. He brought his team back, but still, there was no question Appling was the best player on that court.

  2. Dantana says:

    Does anyone know what time the High vs Hill game is on saturday? Saginaw News said 1:30 pm but I read online its at 6:00 pm.

  3. KHP says:


    You can’t in one breath point out that Appling is an undersized 2 (he’s a combo guard), without mentioning Pookie being about 5’7.

    You also can’t say Appling is a great “high school scorer” when that’s strictly what Pookie is. There are national scouts nationally feel that Appling has pro potential down the road.

    I’m rooting for Jones though like I do everybody from the state, hope he can duplicate what Tajuan Porter has done at Oregon.

  4. Jared Field says:

    Jones is better than Porter at this stage. He’s a legit point guard prospect and among the better passers I’ve seen.

  5. Al Martinez says:

    I fully agree with you. I have covered a lot of games locally (Saginaw) and around mid-Michigan. This kid is insane to watch. He can take over a game when he is needed to and can out-shoot and even rebound against guys much taller than himself. He is not a selfish player and distributes the ball around well. I’ve seen this kid drive to the basket against two or more 6 foot players and move the ball around and get an easy layup without them being able to swat the ball away. This past weekend against Saginaw High, he took over the game in the fourth quarter when the team was behind and scored 16 of his 36 points in the fourth. He can draw the fouls and then nail every free throw almost at will. He was 14 of 17 in free throws including 7 of 7 in the fourth. He did the same thing a few weeks ago against Kalamazoo Central. When his team needs him, He is ready to get more aggressive going to the hoop. I look forward to watching him play this coming Tuesday when they take on Heritage High School. He will be the next Mr. Basketball.

    • Jared Field says:

      I could not agree more.

      I love how people no longer take much time to consider how crazy small this kid is. For him to be able to DOMINATE the high school game is one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen on a basketball court.

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