Keep your receipt for Meijer Holiday Hoops

Posted: December 27, 2009 by Jared Field in High School

In years past, I’ve always looked forward to the Meijer Holiday Hoops tournament in East Lansing. I’d spend the whole day at the Breslin Center watching not only some of the state’s best players, but also some of the state’s best teams.

I wonder, though, what has happened to this tournament.  I’m still in North Carolina visiting family, but I try to keep up on basketball back home while I’m here. I’m actually glad I don’t have firsthand evidence for forming this opinion, but this tournament gets more boring every year.

Just look at these games:

DeWitt vs. St. Johns: Yawn. No one outside of Clinton County cares.

Owosso vs. Flint Powers: This one had blowout written all over it. And so it was.

Eaton Rapids vs. Brighton: Eaton Rapids had 19 points after three quarters and was blown out by 25.

Forest Hills Central vs. Hartland: Might have been the best game of the tournament, with Hartland winning by two. The marquee name is this game was Matt Poches, but probably only the hardcore hoops junkies know him.

Grand Ledge vs. Holt: I get this one. Two big CAAC  schools with a couple of division one players. It makes sense. Horford’s the best player and Holt’s the best team.

Fowler vs. Pewamo-Westphalia: I know this is a rivalry game, but are you kidding me?

By my count, fully two of the 12 teams in this tournament could be considered in the top 10 in their respective classes — Flint Powers and Holt. Meanwhile, Detroit Pershing and Saginaw Arthur Hill are blowing up the scoreboard at Detroit Country Day.

It’s the Breslin Center; it’s Michigan State; and it should be the best holiday tournament in Michigan.

— Jared Field

  1. waddman says:

    They tried to have a good tourney in the past and lost a ton of money. Saginaw with Roberson, Rogers, and Seals. Orchard Lake St Mary’s with Searight, Gonzales, and Davis. Waverly with Marcus Taylor and Cortney Scott. There used to be oustanding games ut the fans didn’t support the tourney. I guess they decided that local schools will at least draw local fans. Also I wonder what it costs to bring some of the top high school teams to a tournament. I remember a team in Ohio that had an $11,000 price tag.

  2. scott baryo says:

    The fans would come out if they got the word out to people. reading about it after the fact does not help.

    The fans should have a site to go to so they can find out what is coming up around the state. I know 3 of us that love to spend a day at a gym watching high school basketball. So I would think there are other people around the state

  3. waddman says:

    I guess the best attendance they had was 8 or 9,000 for a Saginaw Vs Waverly game. But it was another era and I think poor attendanc hurt the Meijr event.

  4. Holiday Hoops says:

    The Meijer Holiday Hoops Invitational is all about providing kids an opportunity of a lifetime and that is getting a chance to play on the big stage known as the Breslin Center. Smaller schools and their communities support their kids and getting that opportunity each holiday season in this event.

    We also want to showcase some of the best players and the best teams in the State but they aren’t always willing or able to participate in this event. Why would anyone turn down these opportunities? You’ll have to ask the schools and their administrators.

    The goal is to provide a balance of the two and we will continue to offer both to the basketball community here in Lansing. Next year we hope to showcase some good rivalries as well as some top talent. Hopefully, the teams from around the State with some of that talent will want to participate.

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