Picture of the week, month, year – whatever: Cleaves, Ingram, the trophy and the t-shirt

Posted: January 7, 2010 by Jared Field in High School

This has to be among the funniest pictures I’ve seen in some time (thanks to SpartanTailgate). It’s former MSU All-American Mateen Cleaves posing with Flint’s Heisman trophy winner Mark Ingram and an infant. What makes the picture great, however, is the fact that Cleaves is wearing a “free Plaxico” t-shirt. I don’t know if it’s a fake, but it’s funny. Almost as funny as this one.

Roll Tide.

  1. The shirt is not a fake…I have seen others with the same message worn by Cleaves as well. Its a trend these days when a friend is put a way for a while. I guess if you support your boy, then you do it to the end…

  2. Tebow would’ve done the Heisman pose with that baby.

  3. SBell says:

    Where’s Ingram’s “Free My Dad” shirt?

    • IT IS WHAT IT IS says:


      • Atown says:

        aye thats not kool…dont talk about his pops…its already bad enough that after they said he was the trophy winner on the news ,,,they had to add that his dad was in jail…we proud of u mark!!!!!!…u made flint on top!

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