Get buckets, Buctown: Class C showdown favors Man-Man, Beecher

Posted: March 12, 2010 by Jared Field in High School

Man-Man: Buctown freshman Monte Morris

In what I consider the most intriguing district final in Mid-Michigan, a pair of known commodities in class C will battle once again for bragging rights in Flint.

Flint Beecher (14-7), coming off another down-turned-up season, will take on Flint Hamady (17-5) at 7 p.m. at Burton Bendle High School. The game will feature two of the Flint area’s top coaches — Hamady’s Archy Robinson and Buctown’s Mike Williams.

Buctown has gotten the best of Hamady four games in a row dating back to 2007, and by an average hovering around three points per game.

This season, like the last, Hamady has the talent advantage. On paper, Hamady’s starting five should be competitive with any in the state in class C. Junior forward Dominez Burnett is a smooth scorer with size and range. He’s the best player at Hamady since Marcus Coleman. Senior guards Darryl Dixon and Roy Jackson are tough to cover, with Jackson’s length and crafty dribbling coupled with Dixon’s athleticism and shooting ability. And you can’t sleep on sophomore forward Quin Langston, who can scored 20+ on any given night.

Buctown counters with a top five freshman in Michigan, 5’9” guard Monte’ Morris. He hasn’t gotten as much attention as other Flint-area freshmen, but he’s probably the best of the group. He has put up huge numbers for the Bucs this season, and is more efficient than the average senior. Sophomore Antuan Burks, coming off a 19-point performance against Beecher, is becoming more aggressive and tends to feed off the energy of Morris.

The task of stopping Burnett and Langston will be charged to 6-2 senior forward D’Marius Houston and 6-2 sophomore Cortez Robinson. The pair isn’t as skilled as Hamady’s big two, but they won’t be scared.

Prediction: This is Buctown’s 5th consecutive district championship game. I respect Buctown’s toughness and I’m confident that Coach Williams will have them ready. Hamady has lost to every good team they’ve played this year. They are capable of beating Buctown, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Buctown by three.

  1. Jared Field says:

    Imagine these six guys on the same team:

    Monte’ Morris
    Antuan Burks
    Cortez Robinson
    D’Marius Houston
    Taron Boose
    JaVontae Hawkins

    Class C state title. If only…

    • Hoops24 says:

      If we are going to play this game!

      Joe Boisture
      Matt Kamieniecki
      Matt Brunor
      Andrew Patrick
      Mitchel Vallie
      Nathan Lansgaard
      Carter Goetz

      Goodrich… Class B State Title

      • Jared Field says:

        I won’t argue that. It’s fun to dream, isn’t it?

      • downdowndown says:

        the best team out of all of them would have been GRAND BLANC
        K’Len Morris
        Ty Ward
        Tyler Moreland
        Leviante Davis
        Adrian Hunter
        Shane Moreland

      • Marcellus Miller says:

        Ty Ward and Leviante did not live in Grand Blanc so their inclusion defeats the purpose of this. Adrian Hunter was a transfer from Central as well…come on now.

  2. FlintStones says:

    I think the most dangerous team if all the transfers would’ve stayed was Powers 2005 team:

    -Tom Herzog
    -Alex Hamo
    -Laval Lucas-Perry
    -Adrian Allen
    -Michael Herman
    -Matt Wittbrodt
    -Quinton Patilla

    (7 college athletes)

    • Hoops24 says:

      Flintstones… there you go again having Powers one up a Goodrich squad. Can you let us at least win in Fantasy land?

    • I mean really? A powers team talking about “transfers” staying? What if all the kids from Flint/Beecher never went to Powers and went to their home schools…No Demarco, Ao Adrian Allen, etc.

  3. How about:

    William Sams
    Mitch Vallie
    Tony Jones
    Gabe Martin
    Marcus Tucker
    Pat Haggin
    Jordan Fields

  4. greg johnson says:

    Powers doesn’t count…..they’re talent is rarely homegrown. Homegrown for Powers would be classified as Catholic elementary and middle school students.

  5. Hmmm…I like the what if game though…what if Demarco Sanders went to his home school of Northern and Joemar Black had never left? I hear Burnett from Hamady also has ties to the Northern district. Imagine that for a moment with Shaq Smith, Richie Lewis, Darrell Williams, Donald Fisher, Shaun Coffer, and we won’t talk about the displaced Central kids…

    Like Jared said, fun to dream…

    • wait a minute says:

      Then throw in Northern’s coaching staff, and not much would be different.

    • Gavin Raath says:

      Northern should have the best team every year. Last year they should have had Cymiahn Williams, and D’Chawn Glover in addition to those guys mentioned and the guys they graduated. Doesn’t Jaylen Larry live by Northern too?

      The year before last they should have had Darius Brady and Alan Sharp [and didn’t Anthony Crater live a stones throw from Northern]. The year before that Marcus Green should have been at Northern. Then both Adam and Adrian Allen. Imagine Kevin Tiggs and Greg Hamlin a few years before that! And Takais Brown before he transferred to Central! Before that Brandon Dunbar!

    • Flinthooper22 says:

      What ever happened to Shaun Coffer. I remember he was on varsity for nothern last year…

  6. Ty Williams says:

    I have one that will blow all of those away.

    1998-1999 Pontiac Northern Team
    G – Maurice Searight (went to Orchard Lake St. Mary’s – UofM)
    G – Ricky Morgan (Iowa St/UNLV)
    F – Paul Haynes (Grambling St)
    F – Nucleus Smith (TCU)
    F- Jermaine Gonzalez (went to Orchard Lake St. Mary’s – UofM football)
    F – Lester Abrams (UofM)
    G – Jontae Jones (went to Orchard Lake St. Mary’s – EMU)
    G – Grant Mason (went to Orchard Lake St. Mary’s – Standford/UofM football)
    F – Brad Mitchell (went to Orchard Lake St. Mary’s – CMU football)
    F- Charles Davis (went to Orchard Lake St. Mary’s – Purdue football)
    F – Derrick Ponder (Iowa Central/Schoolcraft)

    Between OLMS and Pontiac Northern from 1999 – 2003 you had three (3) basketball state championship and two (2) for football.

    Now if you want to dream, I can dream big!

    7 players on the list made ALL STATE respectively.

    • Jared Field says:

      I remember most of those guys. DP was NICE. Did they have a guard on that team with the last name of Gay?

      • Ty Williams says:

        Bates Gay but he was from the Class of 05. There were some others like Antonio Bonds, John Cantrell, but that core above were the ones that brought home the trophies. But from 1997 until about 2006, Northern had a good run to semifinals and state finals.

  7. Marcellus Miller says:

    Great win for Beecher tonight! Big game for frosh Man Man with 15.

  8. the real hurts says:

    When will Hamady get other coach I was at the game and Hamady’s coaching staff got out coached badly. They had the bigger team and never put any pressure on beecher.

    • IT IS WHAT IT IS says:


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