The G-20: All-Genesee County team a diverse group of scorers

Posted: March 31, 2010 by Jared Field in High School

Some of the state’s better and lesser-known players are right here under my nose. Everyone knows Flint by its reputation, but ever-so-slowly Genesee County (Flint and the ‘burbs) is catching up.

Here are the 20 best players in the county for 2009-10, first and second teams:

First team

Patrick O’Brien, senior forward, Powers Catholic: Euro-style game with Irish hospitality. (Player of the year)

Demarco Sanders, senior guard, Powers Catholic: Arguably the best pure scorer in the area. Self-made player with virtually no hype.

Patrick Lucas-Perry, junior guard, Flint Powers Catholic:  Really nice point guard that helped lead on the state’s best teams.

Glenn Cosey, senior guard, Carman-Ainsworth: Would love to see Glenn play anywhere other than C-A. Quick, physical, heads-up PG.

Jaylen McGee, junior guard, Flint Northwestern: Power guard who reminds me of former SWA standout Rickey Dent.

Dominez Burnett, junior forward, Hamady: By this time next year, if he puts in the time, he’ll be a wing.

Cody Campbell, senior guard, Swartz Creek: Most skilled FML guard I’ve seen in many years. He’s Jordan Fowler with a better shot.

Andrew Patrick, senior guard, Goodrich: Made basketball in Goodrich legit for four years.

Joey Jerisk, senior guard, Burton Bentley: Lock-down defender who led county in scoring.

Jojuan Graham, senior guard, Flint Southwestern: Green-light Graham was the Knights one and only scoring option.

Shaquille Smith, junior guard, Flint Northern: Looked more like a point guard at times this season.

Second Team

Monte Morris, freshman guard, Flint Beecher: Top five freshman in Michigan, easily.

Patrick Haggin, senior guard, Grand Blanc: Purest stroke in Mid-Michigan since Brad Reford.

Thomas Jean, senior forward, Genesee: Workhorse who earned a college scholarship.

Justin Fowler, senior guard, Holly: He’s not just a shooter anymore.

Javontae Hawkins, sophomore forward, Powers Catholic: High-major recruit, if he stays focused, has potential to be best Charger ever.

Mitch Vallie, senior forward, Goodrich: Undersize d small forward that can score and rebound.

Marcus Tucker, senior guard, Grand Blanc: Most improved player in the county. Commands the game; he can shoot and beat his man to the basket.

Travon Mitchell, senior forward, Flint Northwestern: Looks more like a power forward than a wing these days, but fought off an injury during his senior season.

Gerald Williams-Taylor, senior forward, Flint Northern: Smooth 6-4 kid will loads of potential.

Lance Hopkin, senior forward, Holly: Long and lanky prototype high school big man. Best all-around athlete at Holly.

Honorable Mention: Dylan Hickoff, Fenton; William Sams, Montrose; Tyler Hamilton, Fenton; Lance Hopkin, Holly; Roy Jackson, Hamady; Logan Hull, Swartz Creek; Quin Langston, Hamady; Thomas Lovachis,  Holly; Tyler Harris, Flushing; Dee Chapman, Carman-Ainsworth; Luke Sorenson, Clio; Denzel Watts, Carman-Ainsworth; Ke’aris Perryman, International Academy of Flint; Capus Robinson, Kearsley; Jordan Fields, Grand Blanc; Zachary Treib, Flushing; Deandre Johnson, New Lothrop; Nathan Landsgaard, Goodrich; Parker Scott, Lake Fenton; Matt Walker, Genesee Christian; Sean Canning, Lake Fenton; Deondre Parks, Flint Northwestern; Daryll Dixon, Hamady; Anton Wilson, Carman-Ainsworth; Richmond Lewis, Flint Northern; Kyle Landis, Davison; Garrett Cook, Genesee; Ryan Hickoff, Fenton.

  1. Marcellus Miller says:

    Having a hard time reconciling the player of the year not being the best player on his team this year…

    • Jared Field says:

      He was the best player on his team though. Second leading scorer, led the team in rebounds (had 100 more rebounds than next closest), first in free throw and 3-point percentage, second in field goal percentage, second in blocked shots, second in assists and third in steals. Take him off the team and what do you get?

      • Would mean more shots and opportunities for Hawk…but with that logic, Williams-Taylor would be the best for Northern. 2nd leading scorer, 2nd leading rebounder, 3rd in blocks, 1st in steals, 3rd in assists, 1st in FT %, 1st in points per shot attempt, etc. But we know that Shaq Smith was the best player though….

      • Jared Field says:

        Toughness man. You can’t diminish that aspect, either.

      • Patrick Hayes says:

        O’Brien is certainly tough. But remember Demarco playing on a sprained ankle vs. C-A on a Friday, then coming in against Saginaw High two days later, getting his face busted open, then coming back into that game, finishing with 22 points and getting the game-winning put-back?

        Don’t undersell his toughness.

      • Jared Field says:

        That wasn’t a commentary on Demarco’s toughness, or lack thereof. With O’Brien you’re talking about one of the toughest players in the state.

      • Now take Demarco off that team…not going to be good move either…

  2. onlyhuman says:

    Jordan Fields….not even honorable mention….please?

  3. PJR says:

    For Powers having so many players listed top shelf, they sure must have underachieved. Is this OverRank? Bad Coaching?? What explains this kinundrum?? Powers is this year’s DCD, everyone on the roster all world, but nothing gets done!

  4. Zip it says:

    Why it Richmond Lewis not on 1st or 2nd team come on now.

  5. Williford says:

    Does anybody know where O’Brien is considering going to college?

  6. Marcellus Miller says:

    Career, I will take O’Brien. but we have to separate that from this year. This year, I would have to give it to Sanders.

  7. It Ain't Right says:

    Landsgaard should be 2nd team, he killed hamady and was the best player on the floor against powers and their all world team….

  8. SC Fan says:

    In reviewing your selections, you kind of contradicted one of your former posts in regards to coaches and league accolades. Your analysis above put Lovachis of Holly as an honorable mention candidate but I believe you indicated he was a top 6 in the league in your prior article. Yet you also have him as the 3rd best player from Holly as you recognized Fowler and Hopkin above. Did Holly the third place metro team have 3 of the top 6 players in the Metro?

    • Jared Field says:

      Lovachis was left out of the all-league honors completely. I’m OK with keeping him off the first team because he was a transfer and didn’t play the whole season. That being said, leaving him off entirely is ridiculous. Is he better than Fowler and Hopkin, who both played full seasons? Yeah. He is. His partial season was better than almost everybody’s full season, though, so he deserves to be mentioned.

  9. dale says:

    jared: where is Jojuan Graham playing next year? JUCO or what?

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