April 14, 2010...8:00 am

Trey Day: Zeigler to commit to Central Michigan

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From the Morning Sun:

Mt. Pleasant senior guard Trey Zeigler has chosen to play college basketball for Central Michigan University. Sources close to the situation at CMU informed The Morning Sun of the decision as Zeigler has opted to play for his father, Ernie Zeigler, who finalized a new four year contract on Tuesday.


  • I know he is a highly rated player by several prep rankings, but; in my opinion the MAC is where he belongs. Better work on his jumpshot and freethrows. Glad he didn’t chose MSU.

    • I agree. The MAC is where he belongs. I’ve never seen him as a legit high-major like Appling or McCallum. I think he has the potential to be an excellent player at that level if he improves his perimeter shooting.

    • Why not? Look at Butler, N. Iowa, Cornell etc. These kids want to play these days and I’m sure he could look at what a U of M has coming in and wonder if there is enough balls to go around. The talent is disbursed everywhere these days and the kids know that they can get exposure anywhere. He will certainly get his chances at CMU and hopefully we hear about a father/son/cinderalla story in the NCAA tourney as CMU is making a Sweet 16 run (or further!) sometime over the next 4 years.

  • So did Ernie get 4 more years for landing Trey or did Trey choose CMU because Ernie got 4 more years? Irregardless, MAC is a good level for him, but CMU (IMO) may not be a good school for him for the following 3 reasons. One, CMU is, has always been, and will always be a FOOTBALL school. (Sure they won the MAC west the last two seasons but that is really not much of an accomplishment as the MAC West is not all that strong when it comes to basketball.) Two, all eyes will be on the Father / Son relationship the next 4 years – that means a lot of pressure and possible claims of favoritism, etc etc. Three, the early expectations are probably a bit unrealistic (Cinderalla run, Sweet 16, the next Butler, etc etc) so fans may not be patient enough for the program to take small steps in the right direction – instead wanting / expecting a huge step in the right direction immediately.

  • Better of at CMU because he is not what everybody thinks..

  • Gotta say CMU is better than Michigan for him. Beilein’s not really done much with developing guard/wing players like Zeigler. Pops might know more about that!

  • Gotta agree that Trey is only a MAC player…I mean if Demetrius Miller could play D1 then surely Trey is only a mid major player. SMH

    • I didn’t say Trey was only a mid-major player. I said he could be excellent. Carl: Work on you reading skills. You’re talking about someone who “could” play d-1 after two years of JUCO. That’s a far cry from a player who is going D-1 straight out of high school (a player who could have gone high major). Wise up. Not even close to relevant.

  • Who is Demetrius Miller? Where does he play? How is he relevant to his situation?

  • Demetrius miller is no where on Treys level come om get Serious.You should even mention there name in the name sentence The number 25 player in The nation And who

  • Although you could see a Miller in a year going to CMU to become their PG to Zeigler’s SG. Why not?

  • Wise up on your evaluation skills or lack there of!

    • Let me give you an example:

      Alvin Pegues, a point guard, went D-1 out of Mott two years ago.

      Here are his freshman year stats: 3 ppg, 2 apg, 1.9 spg.

      Here are Miller’s: 9 ppg, 3.3 apg, 2.4 spg.

      Since you’re so smart, tell me why it’s such a stretch to think that he could develop into a d-1 player?

      Or, maybe you should just come clean about your horse in the race.

  • Jared: your evaluation skills are D3. Wise up.

    The word “could” is a very optimistic. Hell ‘could’ freeze over.

    • Carl: Go back and look at Mott’s starting backcourts over the last four years and get back with me. They have had more guys go D-1 just out of their backcourt in that time period than the rest of the JUCOs in Michigan have combined (for all positions). I wouldn’t expect you to know that, of course, because you don’t know a whole lot about the subject matter.

      Hell freezing over? Come on. He was the starting pg as a freshman and made the all-defensive team. He has another year to develop. How is it a stretch to say he has the potential to play D-1? Sam Burton has even more potential, once he develops an outside shot.

  • Trey Zeiglers OVERATED

    • They’re always overrated, particularly in the Top 100. But Zeigler’s probably gonna do more than the other two four year from now.

      • Marcellus Miller

        It’s all a guess so any of us acting like we “know” what he is going to do are frivilous and ridiculous. That said, I know many coaches who see so much potential in him that it is scary. I do not think the MAC was the place for him at all, but I commend him for the loyalty to his father. He gave up a lot to play there and that loyalty should be lauded.

  • Regarding Zeigler – something seems wrong to me when teams are forced to foul that they foul TREY ZEIGLER – a Mr. Basketball candidate and a top “whatever” in the country.

  • Anyone GLH put together a list of where all the players not named Zeigler are going from Mid Michigan this year??

  • Jared, to say you believe he will go the JUCO route is insane. He did carry a lesser talented Mt. Pleasant team to a regional championship. Sure everyone’s correct saying he needs work, but I’m sure he’ll improve. Besides, his father is a D1 basketball coach and he had tons of offer, so seriously why do you think he’ll end up in JUCO?

  • I mean regonal championship appearance.

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