Flint Carman-Ainsworth guard Marquel Ponder verbals to HLC

Posted: May 25, 2010 by Jared Field in High School

FLINT, Michigan — Marquel Ponder, a 5-foot-5 point guard from Flint Carman-Ainsworth, has verbally committed to Hannibal-Lagrange College, a private Christian college in Hannibal, Missouri.

Ponder is quick with the ball and, at least pound for pound, probably the strongest guard in the Flint area. He didn’t play much in high school, but in rare cases that’s not an indication of how a player will do in college. Ponder will join the college ranks with teammates Dee Chapman (Prairie View A&M) and Glenn Cosey (Columbus State), who made recent commitments.

HLG competes in the NAIA.

  1. Cicely says:

    I am happy for Marquel. I watched him play against N-Dub one year and he really lit it up. Coach Root kept taking him out and I really didn’t understand it. But I stay in a spectator’s place.

    Good luck to him and I hope he receives a good education.

  2. where_They_Goin says:

    does anyone know were jaylen larry is headed next year….. he is def to big to pass up on

  3. It Ain't Right says:

    He is vastly under-rated. i liked him better than cosey.

    • Jared Field says:

      It ain’t right: Are you talking about Jaylen?

      • Marcellus Miller says:

        I hope so, but even then would be a reach.

      • It Ain't Right says:

        naw Marquel. I really enjoyed watching him play

      • Jared Field says:

        He barely played in the games that I watched. Cosey rarely left the floor. That statement is not going to make you any more credible with this audience. You have to be kidding.

        I know Marquel. He played AAU for us before his junior season. He’s a funny kid and I like him. That being said, I don’t even think Marquel would say that he’s better than Glenn.

      • It Ain't Right says:

        i never said he is better, i just like his game better. I just like watching lil quick guys. i saw him play mostly this past aau season.

  4. where_They_Goin says:

    i have seen him play and hve played against Marquel before, so i know he’s a capable ball player but no way I would take him over cosey. I wish him luck at the next level though.

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