Were jealous parents responsible for Fleming’s firing? Sam Hosey weighs in

Sam Hosey, an MSU basketball insider and veteran recruiting analyst, has chimed in on the recent firing of Doug Fleming. Hosey, an East Lansing graduate, questioned the decision in his blog at lifeinlansing.com this morning. I encourage you to read it, but I’ll cut right to the chase. Sam says:

Over the course of the season, I had been told of a brewing unrest among the parents. Two weeks ago, I received a call about a meeting with the parents, Fleming and the other coaches. I was told by a parent (of a non-player that attended the meeting) that Fleming would be back next season, but obviously something happened since then. If the stories of parents being unhappy with the attention that Steven Haney Jr. received this last year, I have to say I am saddened.

If jealous parents had ANYTHING to do with Fleming’s ouster, the administration of the school should be ashamed. It would be an utter disgrace for any school to grease squeaky parental wheels at the expense of a great coach. Tom Hunt, East Lansing’s athletic director, has a lot of explaining to do. Sam Hosey is a friend and a legitimate news source. He’s not going to misreport or exaggerate the circumstances surrounding the firing, so I am inclined to believe that was is being speculated is true.

This situation is a shot across the bow for all coaches. If Doug Fleming’s job isn’t secure, whose job is?