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Counterpoint: ranks the state’s top 10 seniors

Jump to Comments, probably the best basketball site in the state (in my humble opinion), recently ranked the state’s top 10 seniors for 2011. You can see the ranking here. Read it before moving on to my comments, as I’d prefer not to poison the well.

Ok, here goes:

– I’ve always had issues with the mingling of prospects with players. Amir Williams is clearly the best prospect in Michigan, but there is absolutely no way he’s the best player. There are three or four guys on that list who are better players, and several more not on the list.

– No one would question Dwaun Anderson‘s ability to attack the basket and finish above the rim, but can we be more realistic about his ability right now? To say that he has a “consistent” jumper is just not based in reality. He’d be number two on my prospect list, but he’s not the second-best player in Michigan. He has a long way to go, in terms of skill, before he can be an impact player at the high major level — and the bulk of that work is shooting.

– People who know me also know that I’ve never been the biggest fan of LaDontae Henton‘s game. I thought he was overrated from day one when my old friend Sam Hosey gave him the superstar treatment in the LSJ as an incoming freshman. Well, guess what? I was wrong. Henton is a beast. Big, strong, skilled and the highest-impact player in the state. If he had already signed with an in-state school (or played in the Detroit area), he’d be in the top three. Henton at eight is almost as laughable as Patrick Lucas-Perry at nine. Lucas-Perry is a fine player, but he’s not even the best senior in Flint. And can we please dispense with the UM/MSU interest attached PLP? That’s a myth.

– Lists are tough to compile, but they are always fun to debate. I just know if you made a list of only the best basketball players in the state (and not the best prospects), some of those names wouldn’t appear.


  • yea ladonte by far is the best player in the state,he bout to be 4time all-state some of these players aint even 2 time all -state

    • LaDontae is a lot of fun to watch. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a high school player as strong as he is with as soft a touch around the basket. His outside shot is good.

      He also has really good hands for catching the ball. LaDontae is a better player than Dereck Nelson was (and Dereck was first team all-state), but I remember Dereck having incredible hands like that, too. I a rebound or a pass is anywhere near LaDontae, he’ll catch it.

      There is no statistic that describes that ability, but it is a huge asset to LaDontae. He has those strong coordinated hands and gets a lot of balls other guys don’t catch or rebound because of it.

  • I have seen LaDonte Henton play (on the internet against Lansing Sexton) and he was a really good rebounder and a lot more physically developed than his counterparts. I did not see much in terms of ball handling and shooting, but that may be hard to see anyways because they had a good group of guards handling the ball. With that being said, I can definately see him being a head of Brandon Kearney. Not a big fan of Kearney at all (there is a link on youtube of Team Detroit playing a championship game against a team from downriver and he really did not produce that much). Henton has to be the Mr. Basketball front runner based on him making First Team All-State every year of high school. Williams has the most potential, Brundridge is the best scorer, and Henton has probably had the best career.

  • By the way, I heard Henton committed to Dayton.

  • Why are you doggin on what UMhoops thinks about PLP? Weren’t you and your crew the one’s that hyped him up over the last two or three years? Weren’t you and your crew the ones to come out and say that he has offers from Michigan and Michigan State?

    Do you do your rankings based solely off of performance?

  • Henton is an absolute beast

  • I’d rather not but I will point out that you’re quick to rag on others while you sit upon your pile of dung.

  • well now that llp was kicked off um’s team we can safely say that at least um has no interest in plp. And if mich isn’t interested then he’s def not on msu radar at all

  • You have constantly dogged on PLP over the years. But keep doggin’. He has led his team to class B runner up, class B championship, and class B quarterfinalist the past 3 years. Not a bad track record for “an underachiever.” He will make a good D1 point guard at a small school because of his court awareness and basketball IQ. Those are two things that don’t show up in the stat books, which are the only things you all seem to care about.

    • Interesting that the “stat book” is all I care about. If that were true, I’d be all over PLP like a lot of people. His stats are really good, in case you hadn’t noticed.

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