Mateen Cleaves, Flintstones played major role in Michigan State-Michigan rivalry

Posted: October 8, 2010 by patrickhayes13 in College

It’s impossible to talk about the recent history of Michigan State hoops without talking about Flint, so the fact that FanHouse recently put together a Flint-heavy list of Michigan State greats in a look at the Michigan-Michigan State rivalry is no surprise. Here was their take on the contributions of Flint’s greats:

Mateen Cleaves: “The Michigan State icon cemented his legacy with a gutty performance in his swan song: the 2000 national championship. He won MOP on a bum ankle. Cleaves is MSU’s only three-time All-American and he also took him Big Ten Player of the Year twice. He’s the Spartans all-time leader in steals and the Big Ten career leader in assists.”

Antonio Smith: “Not a scorer, but he’s here for the awesome rebounding presence he was (9.1 per game over the course of his career).”

Morris Peterson: “The All-American was also the Big Ten Player of the Year in 2000, averaging 16.8 points and six rebounds a game.”

Charlie Bell: “One of our two defensive stoppers, oh and he can score, too.”

I might nitpick and say that I may have went with Kelvin Torbert as my defensive stopper over Travis Walton (Torbert was tougher and a better offensive player to boot), but overall, not a bad list.

— Patrick Hayes


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