Roy ‘Devyn’ Marble trying to follow his father’s footsteps but still make his own name at Iowa

Posted: October 20, 2010 by patrickhayes13 in College

Roy ‘Devyn’ Marble, a Southfield Lathrup standout and son of Beecher great Roy Marble, committed to the University of Iowa early on. The news has Iowa fans excited since his dad is Iowa’s all-time leading scorer and was one of the top players in the Big Ten in the 1980s. And although the younger Marble made the decision partially to honor and be closer to his dad, who still lives in the area, he also is looking to forge his own way as a Hawkeye. From the Central Iowa Times Republican:

“We’re two separate people,” Roy Devyn said Thursday. “We don’t even play the same. I’m glad he did what he did. I’m going to do what I have to do.”

Showing his own individual identity is the reason he’s also going by a different name this season — ‘Devyn.’ In preparation for the likely attention he’ll get because of his father’s immense shadow in Iowa City, Marble’s Southfield Lathrup team already followed in his dad’s footsteps on a mini-level last season. They went to Beecher and beat the Bucs last December.


— Patrick Hayes

  1. Swampy Meadows says:

    While most hoop websites and mags referred to him as “Roy Marble, Jr.” his teammates and most importantly his mom have always called him Devyn.

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