Mott’s Doug Anderson verbals to Duquesne: Coach ‘disappointed’ with recruitment

Posted: October 28, 2010 by Jared Field in College

Mott Community College sophomore forward Doug Anderson has verbally committed to Duquesne University in the Atlantic 10. Anderson, an athletic phenom at 6-6, has yet to play a minute of his sophomore season at Mott. A fact not lost on the mind of his coach, whose program has not typically produced early commitments.

In an article written in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review today, Schmidt made it clear that Anderson has no plans to sign until late.

“They’re in great shape with Doug Anderson. They’re the front-runner. He’s going to sign, but not until late,” Schmidt told the Tribune-Review. “He’s a tremendous athlete, but he’s got some work to do in terms of graduating. I’m trying to get him to become a complete basketball player.”

Schmidt was more candid in his comments when contacted this afternoon. He expressed “disappointment” with the handling of Anderson’s recruitment by members of Duquesne Head Coach Ron Everhart’s staff. He expressed displeasure with some of the staff’s recruiting tactics and a level of surprise since it’s not the first time the Everhart has recruited the program.

“This has been a distraction to Doug in the area he should be concerned about the most, his academic standing,” Schmidt said. “As far as I’m concerned, there will be a lot of schools still interested in Doug. (Duquesne) is still one of the schools he’s considering.”

Schmidt said he would contact Coach Everhart to discussion the matter further.

Anderson prepped at Kalamazoo Central High School before coming to Mott last year. He came to Mott last summer and made some waves with 11 dunks in the Bruin Club Classic all-star game.

  1. guest says:

    What other schools are looking into Doug?
    You have to think Duquesne is a little small for someone who can jump higher than anyone this side of the olympics
    Ogelsby is at BG and I put Anderson above him any day of the week, and twice on sundays.

  2. Jared Field says:

    A bunch of mid-majors. I know Oakland has been recruiting him pretty hard as well.

    Atlantic 10 is legit.

    I would say this commitment is quite soft considering it’s the only school he visited officially.

  3. Hoopsguru says:

    Can someone explain what Coach Schmidt is upset about? Without those details in this article, one could assume he is a control freak. However, I know ya’ll are very high on him as a coach.

  4. prepfan says:

    Good to see one coach looking out for something other than just basketball. I do not see where this is a control thing at all

  5. Hoopsguru says:

    OK – I’ll re-ask my question – Can someone explain what Coach Schmidt is upset about? Seems to me if the kid wants to go to Duquesne, he commits there getting it done and finishes up his year at Mott and everyone is happy that another Bear goes D1.

    • Jared Field says:

      I don’t know all the details. All I know is that Coach Schmidt has serious reservations about the way Duquesne’s staff handled Anderson’s recruitment. Apparently it wasn’t above board.

  6. Ty says:

    I am assuming that there are some academic issues here and he probably is not on track to graduate on time from Mott to be eligible the next year to play?

    I think that happened to the kid at Kent State that graduated from Mott.

  7. unwind says:

    I bet he goes somewhere else. What happened to Mike Green from Saginaw??

  8. Mother says:

    Upset because he never committed, he hasn’t started his season yet. His academics are great. We are upset because of how some are trying to recruit my son. Just let him play and decide after the season where he wants to go. Thank You

  9. John Wilson says:

    Where is Tyrie Wooten?

    • Saglove says:

      Tyrie Wooten is currently heading south to finish his Junior and senior season at Livingstone College in NC. He’s had a couple of workouts there and the coaches are raveing about having Tyrie come in and run the point. I wish that Tyrie would have focused more on academics because he’s really a D1 guard taking his talents down a couple of notches to play for a very small school.

  10. Rob Kennedy says:

    I have spoke to some guys in the South about Tyrie Wooten and his name is a buzz down here as he will be in the Lone Star Conference, which is one of the toughest guard conferences in the country, and will be attending Texas A&M- Commerce. I’ve heard he has impressed the coaches there and they are in love with this kid. But you are right Saglove, he is definetly a D1 guard playing lower then he should be.

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