Austin Harper, Glen Oaks

Here’s a look at the top 15 players in the MCCAA through half a season. This list is one part production and another part potential. So, for instance, Austin Harper may not have as much potential as Jamie Stewart (that’s debatable), but his production is insane. The comment section is open for suggestions.

1.) Austin Harper, sophomore guard, Glen Oaks: Harper, a WMU transfer, has been putting on a show so far this season. He is averaging 16 points per game with 11 assists. Harper, a sneaky good athlete from west Michigan, is shooting better than 60 percent from the floor and 65 percent from 3-point range. This was going to be Jamie Stewart’s spot until I saw those field goal percentages — that’s incredible for a guard.

2.) Jamie Stewart, sophomore guard, Henry Ford: Stewart is a reliable 3-point shot away from being a prototype shooting guard. He is ultra athletic with the ability to create shots for himself and his teammates. His mid-range game is impressive as well. He is averaging 17 points, eight rebounds and three assists this season. He will be playing at D-1 Montana State next season.

3.) Mike Brigham, sophomore forward, Mott: Brigham has actually been less productive than many had expected (13 points and eight rebounds). Even so, he’s still a dynamic prospect who has improved his shooting and ballhandling since last season. Look for Brigham to have a monster second half. He started lighting it up over the some and impressed some scouts in Vegas. He has at least six D-1 offers from low to mid-major schools.

4.) Doug Anderson, sophomore forward, Mott: Anderson, by far the most dynamic athlete I’ve seen at the JUCO level, is at his best in transition. He is leading Mott in scoring with 16 points per game. He’s also averaging five rebounds and two blocks per game. His offensive game has developed since coming to Mott, but needs to be more consistent down the stretch. Ranked in top 40 JUCO players in the country by Rivals. Has offers from Oakland and University of Detroit.

5.) Dmitry Martyneniko, sophomore center, Kirtland: KCC’s Moscow-born big man has put up huge numbers in the great white north this season. I haven’t seen him play this season, but I was impressed by his ability last year when he had 23 points and seven rebounds in a loss to Mott. He’s also made three of his four 3-point attempts this season. To get a big man with skill at the JUCO level can be a chore.

6.) Ronald Bracey, sophomore forward, Kellogg: Bracy, a Cincinnati product, is an impressive-looking 6-5 forward. He is averaging 23 points per game with seven rebounds this season. Bracey averaged 20 points a game last season, so I guess no one should be surprised by his production thus far.

7.) Leviante Davis, sophomore forward, Mott: His scoring numbers won’t blow you away, but he’s impressive to watch. Davis is 6-4 and somewhere between 250 -270 pounds. He’s about as athletic as they come at size. He is averaging 13 points and six rebounds in a reserve role for Mott, but anyone who has watched this team knows he should be a starter. He shoots better than 60 percent from the floor. If Davis played 30 or more minutes per game, he’d be in the top five, easily. Played a half season with Lamar State in Texas, where he led a team featuring Keenan Coleman and Kavon Rose in scoring.

8.) Tim Bates, freshman forward, Lake Michigan: A Detroit kid who’s slender and athletic. He can score in the paint and is serviceable on the wing for a player at about 6-6 (though he is listed at 6-4). Bates was an honorable mention for All-State as a senior at Detroit Douglass. Love his potential.

9.) Christian Moon, sophomore guard, Henry Ford: Moon has been a fixture in the starting lineup for Henry Ford for the last two seasons. So far this season, Moon is averaging 13 pionts per game with five rebounds and two assists. His numbers don’t seem too impressive, but consider his efficiency: 50 percent from the field and 56 percent from 3-point range.

10.) Demetrius Miller, sophomore guard, Mott: Miller, a Flint Central product, has scored 48 points in his last two games and has become the Bears’ most reliable scoring option in the backcourt this season. Miller was named to the conference all-defensive team as a freshman and that honor will undoubtedly be offered again this season. He is shooting better than 35 percent from 3-point range, 91 percent from the foul line and 45 percent from the field.

11.) Terrance Tubbs, sophomore forward, Henry Ford: A Big-game player, Tubbs is better than his statistics imply. He’s really big, probably 6-5 and 270 pounds, but really nimble with a decent handle and a fairly reliable outside shot. He averages 11 points and eight rebounds a game. Has a knack for performing at his best in big games as evidenced by his recent game-winning shot at home versus no. 7-ranked Mott.

12.) Kurklin Bohanon, sophomore guard, Glen Oaks: This Cleveland product has taken over the mantle of slasher/scorer from former Glen Oaks’ and Lansing Sexton standout Javaughn Manuel. He is averaging 22 points and eight rebounds per game. He had 36 points and 12 rebounds in a loss to Lansing this week.

13.) Michael Martin, sophomore forward, Lansing: Martin, a Flint Northern product who transferred to Lansing after a season at a JUCO in Iowa, is looking to parlay a strong season with the stars into a scholarship. The 6-4 small forward is leading the team with 17 points per game with eight rebounds. He’d be higher up this list if he had a reliable outside shot.

14.) Antonio Credit, sophomore forward, Oakland: Credit, a 6-7 West Bloomfield product, had 32 points and 12 rebounds against Glen Oaks in December. He is averaging 17 points and 10 rebounds per game this season.

15.) Jalen Jarrett, sophomore guard, Jackson: I really like Jalen’s game. He has really developed into a solid all-around guard with some next-level interest. He is averaging 16 points, four assists, three rebound and three assists per game. Could Jarrett follow former Jet Nick Minnerath to D-1?

Special Mention:

Alan Hardy, sophomore forward, Macomb: Hardy, at about 6-4, has had a strong season overall despite Macomb’s struggles. The Bloomfield Hills Lahser product averages 21 points and six assists per game.

A.J. Thomas, freshman guard, Delta: Thomas, a Saginaw Heritage product, is ultra quick and developing as a pure point guard. He is averaging 16 points, four assists, four rebounds and three steals this season. One concern is still turnovers, but he will continue to grow into his role. He’d be higher on this list if he could cut down on the turnovers (four per game).

Troy Aubrey, sophomore guard, Lansing: This kid, in my eyes, is what really makes LCC go. He doesn’t look to score too much (he averages about six points a game) and simply plays to his strengths. He has a 3-to-1 assist-to-turnover ratio, and in JUCOland that’s really hard to accomplish. If he can develop as a defender, his career doesn’t have to end in Lansing.

Quinntrai Lampkins, sophomore guard, Grand Rapids: Scored 20 points in a loss to Mott back in December, this Kalamazoo product is leading Grand Rapids in scoring (13 points a game) and steals (2 per game). He is second on the team in rebounding an assists.

Karl Moore, freshman forward, Schoolcraft: He’s the spitting image of Saginaw High standout Tommie Mccune. Moore is listed at 6-8 and averaging 21 points and eight rebounds per game. He’d be higher on this list, but his best games have come against weak competition.

Tyrell Taylor, freshman guard, HFCC: Taylor has burst onto the JUCO scene in Michigan and has put up some impressive numbers. Taylor, a Philly product, is averaging 12 points, seven assists and three rebounds per game.

James Johnson, freshman forward, Jackson: This 6-4 small forward has gotten physically stronger since high school and has really developed his outside shot. You have to guard him all over the floor. Love his potential. Averages 14 points and five rebounds.

Taurean Villolovos, sophomore, St. Clair: This 6-2 guard from Toledo played 29 games for SC4 in 2008-2009, did not play last season and is back for another year. He’s played well, scoring an average of 18 points in eight games.

Collin Ward, sophomore guard, Lansing: Kid’s outside shot is pure. Shooting 40 percent from deep.

Tyler Moreland, OCC: Having a great season for the Raiders after transferring from a JUCO in Florida. Moreland, a savvy and successful guard at Flint Powers, is about 6-2 and strong going to the basket. He is averaging 16 points per game this season.

Marshawn Norris, Mott: Norris was among the most prolific scorers in the state as a senior at Napoleon. His numbers do not reflect his ability. He is sharing minutes with a crowded backcourt at Mott. He’s one of the quickest and craftiest ballhandlers I’ve seen.

Brad Norman, sophomore guard, Delta: The ultimate competitor. All effort on defense and a solid all-around offensive game.

Honorable Mention:

Willie Brown, LCC

Alvino Ashley, LCC

Sam Burton, Mott

Alan Sharp, St. Clair

Lavario Smith, Alpena

Chris Jones, Kirtland

Antonio Cannon, Ancilla

  1. John says:

    Zack Kaul and Tyler Moreland from OCC are definitely better than a few of those guys up there. Kaul just became eligible at break and lit up Kirtland for 29 on Wednesday night. As for Moreland, he’s been in double figures for OCC 12 out of 13 games this season with an average of 18 PPG. You guys are mentioning guys like Chris Jones from Kirtland who was 1-10 against OCC on Wednesday night before you mention Kaul or Moreland.

    • Jared Field says:

      @ John: Moreland was on oversight on my part. I feel pretty stupid about it especially considering he played on my AAU team. He belongs in there. Haven’t seen the other player you named.

      Further, Jones is one of the better shooters at this level and is a freshman averaging double figures. Not really going to hold one game against him.

      • John says:

        This is a good report Jared. Keep up the good work at greatlakesoops. I check the site every day

      • Christine Hodge says:

        Thanks John, Zach Kaul is my son and not to seem biased, but look at the article just written about the Mott game last night January 19, 2011… its interesting how he is the only mentioned Raider… lets see 26 points in that game… his lowest since he became eligible was 16 … he might be smaller than most, but never goes unnnoticed on the court as a matter of fact not one person will deny he is the sparkplug that gets that team going. Check him out.

      • Christine Hodge says:

        Actually in further reply and for a lil history for Jared … Zach played at Hartland High school his freshman year and then left for two years and played for a private Christian school in San Diego (Foothills Christian) coached by Coach Leif (unbelievable coach by the way former pro ball player) where his presense was very much known (check this link out) (link to an article)
        However, Zach wanted to come back and graduate in Hartland with all of his closest friends and I told him he had a lot to prove nobody will know his name having been gone during a critical period for basketball but he was willing to make the sacrifice … he set out to prove himself and he did; look at at what happened to Hartland his senior year they won the first KLAA title and districts… the only thing different for Hartland the year prior was no Zach… the same starting four was back … that year Zach becamse part of the starting five. I’m not trying to toot a horn, but time was an issue for my son, but I see a lot of athletes that are over the top rated… when its some of the unsung heroes so-to-speak that make their game for them and people have blinders on toward other players because they don’t know their names… there was an article written about this exact same thing by an NBA player of exactly what I speak. I wish people could see more. A phenominal player isn’t about the one who dunks and its not even all about the points, but how about the most rounded and how about a great “team” player … hey my son can dunk and he is well under 6′ showboating in a game is not his forte. Thanks for letting me vent.

  2. Stereo says:

    Terrible report look at the stat leaders numbskull do some better research and your so bias against some players you got some weak players mentioned Smh

  3. Charles576 says:

    You got some terrible players named.. do better research look at the stats

    • Jared Field says:

      Charles: Please submit an intelligent comment. Smart people use examples to make points.

      Further, it’s lame for the same person to post as two different people.

      Charles = Stereo

  4. JucoJunkie says:

    I’ve only watched two SC4 games so far this season, but in addition to Villolovis I was impressed with Terrell Arnold. He’s a 6’2″ guard from Mt. Clemens and shoots the three very well. He and Villolovis provide a very good outside game for SC4 which they rely on in addition to scrappy perimeter defense.

    • dre says:

      i agree arnold is a very good player, he may be better than villolovis. them 2 makes a great shooting duo for the skipper. Arnold can finish around the rim aswell and villolovis is a knock down shooter

  5. sp says:

    Not bad but everyone knows glen oaks boosts their stats like crazy just like last few years. Most games they have more assists than fg.

    Mott has four players better than terrance tubbs. Must just be bad coaching then.

    Give me Jamie Stewart over Austin harper any day of the week.

    • Jared Field says:

      It’s close, certainly. Both are really good players.

      I didn’t know it was well known about Glen Oaks padding stats. I hope that’s not true.

    • Jared Field says:

      @SP: Sometimes I assume people read before forming opinions. That’s my fault.

      This list is in part about talent and in part about production. Tubbs has a ton of talent, no question … his production isn’t exactly great. In fact, it is the least among the top 15.

      • sp says:


        Sometimes I give you a hard time but overall you do a great job with the site. I would rank the top fifteen a little differently but you’re entitled to your opinion. Will you adjust your rankings at any point this season? Maybe before the playoffs?

        Fyi my top ten…

        1. Stewart hfcc -imo best talent and shows up in big games

        2. Brigham Mott -best inside player in the league, surprised in his slow start.

        3. Tubbs hfcc -you’re point about stats is well taken but he has out performed pretty much everyone on the list head to head including brigham 4 times.

        4. Martynenko kirtland- euro style big is ultra skilled and tough. Plays hard.

        5. Harper glen oaks- solid at pretty much everything. Good player but needs to produce wins against good comp.

        6. Martin lansing- best player on good team, nightmare in transition.

        7. Davis Mott- talented big man who is more athletic than u think.

        8. Villavos st clair – great shooter that has big game experience.

        9. Anderson Mott- best dunker in the country but what else.

        10. tie moon hfcc and miller Mott two very good sophomore guards that shoot and defend.

        next 5
        credit occ
        hardy macomb
        lampkins grcc
        Taylor hfcc
        Burton Mott

      • Jared Field says:

        SP: Keep in mind that this list is about production AND potential. Tubbs’ production is pretty good (12 points and eight rebounds), but what’s his potential? I know Anderson has had some poor games versus HFCC, but how could you think that Tubbs has better production or potential than Anderson? Love him or hate him, Anderson will be playing D-1 ball this time next year.

  6. sp says:

    Not too mention glen oaks is 0-2 in the league with a player like that? Smells funny

  7. SBell says:

    Couple West Michigan players I’ve seen do well this season, Alex Lyle from GRCC and Mike Betcher and Garner Small from KVCC.

  8. alex rix says:

    sharpe from sc4? also know sharp is averaging 9 points 5 ast 5 rebs and 2 steals and under 2 turnover and hes being recruited by some midmajors and heavy D2’S.

  9. Mack says:

    Sharp is extremely quick and dribbling and mid range shooting has,improved still struggles at,the three. But hes the 4 or 5 games ive been to hes had atleast 8 ast.

  10. sp says:

    Ok, Maybe I’m venting in the wrong area but I saw an article today on the site that said that a walk on guard Anthony Sisson, who has appeared in a few games for Mott, could theoritically start for HFCC?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Maybe people up in Flint do not realize this but HFCC’s guards are the best in the state and have been the reason that Mott has struggled with them so much over the past years.

    I don’t know much about Anthony Sisson and the article certainly makes him sound like an outstanding kid, but do you flint people honestly think you’re that much better than everybody else???

    Sisson is better than Stewart, Moon, Taylor, Robinson, Gupton, Braswell, or Blackwell??? Someone please help me out?

    Listen, the coverage that Mott gets is second to none but does Mr. Biggers have a clue?

    • Patrick Hayes says:


      I assure you, Anthony never insinuated that was the case, and I know that no one on the Mott coaching staff, nor anyone who follows JUCO basketball would think that.

    • Jared Field says:

      That was an error in judgment on his part. There’s no way Sisson believes that. He would have a similar role on either team this year.

    • A. Biggers says:

      Perhaps I was a little generous… I should have used a different word. What I meant to say is that he could see more playing time at another school, and in no way, shape or form, meant that Sisson is above HFCC’s guards… Like Jared said, it was an error on my part. Definitely should have used a different word… minor slip.

  11. bobby sanders says:

    At glenoaks we dont pad stats and yes Austin harper should be number one and i still feel that Kurklin Bohanon should be ranked higher then some of those players on there but i still think you did a good job with this and Ernie McCoy should be on here he is leading the nation in steals and Enie McCoy and Kurklin Bohanon stats are better then some of those players on this list but like i said you still did a good job with this but i honestly think that Ernie McCoy should be on here

  12. […] stat, everywhere a stat: Does Glen Oaks pad them? There’s been some talk in the comments section about Glen Oaks and possible stat-padding. Now, this ultimately comes down to common sense. Like, […]

  13. A. Biggers says:

    @Christine Hodge: While I understand your concern, I think I did more than a fair job giving your son credit for a great game. My job is to cover Mott and highlight its players — unless of course your son led OCC to a win, then I would have written more on him… Sorry you feel that way. If he was the main story of the game, it would have been different, but Mott won, so I’m sure you understand how that goes.

    Here is what I wrote about him. You should contact the OCC writer about more coverage, etc. And for the record, I was impressed by his performance.

    “But Mott’s defense wasn’t prepared for Raiders marksman, Zach Kaul, who scored 22 of his game-high 26 points in the final 20 minutes. He caught fire from long range, shooting 4-for-8 on open look after open look.

    “You have to take your hat off to him,” said Schmidt. “He kept his team in the game. We’re going to need to do a better job defending good players, better than we did tonight.”

  14. Freddie McCoy says:

    well, this list is old but the most improved player in the second half is Nate Duhon of LCC. I finally got his groove back after being out of basketball for a year. He has been averaging 17 pts a game along with 4 steals a game. He need to cut down on his turnovers and when he does that, he will be the player of the year for next year in MCCA

  15. SBfan says:

    Can someone give me some insight into Ronald Bracey’s game and how you think he’ll do at Stony Brook next year? Stony Brook had tremendous success with Muhammad El-Amin from Lansing a couple years ago and I’m hoping Bracey can add a similar offensive spark.

  16. ball says:

    Ernie Mccoy Average 5 Turnovers a game. Get real. Competition not even that good.

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