Betting on Basketball

Basketball Betting: All You Need to Know about March Madness 2019

Are you ready for a rumble? March Madness is one of the most anticipated sports events in the world of Basketball. If you want to learn more about basketball betting, betting odds, trends, and picks, you will have to free some time in your schedule. It is a big event that takes 21 days to finish and features players from all Canada and the US.

NCAA organizes this event once a year and invited the hottest players in from teams featured in the NCAA. These players participate in games hosted by different universities and colleges. Games are broadcasted live and usually have a lot on the line. During these games, many players receive a chance to show off their skills and earn their spot in an NBA team in the next season.

Competing teams and scheduled matches

It is impossible to list all teams that participate in the event. This year, you will be able to see 68 teams that will compete in seven rounds in a single elimination tournament. Some notable teams are:

  • Duke Blue Devils (Rank #4 in Atlantic Coast);
  • Virginia Tech Hokies (Rank #6 in Atlantic Coast);
  • Oregon Ducks (Rank #6 in PAC-12);
  • Virginia Cavaliers (Rank #2 in Atlantic Coast).

These teams are also favorites for the whole tournaments, and we will shortly discuss why you should risk real money to bet on these four teams during March Madness 2019. When it comes to basketball betting and NCAA, having only information about teams is not enough. You also need to know what at stake during these games and the momentum that each participating team accumulated right before the tournament starts!

Even though free bets will be the best promos when it comes to betting on NCAA basketball, they are quite rare to come by, even if you are part of the highest-ranked operators. This is why you should seek other promos such as:

  1. Welcome bonuses – These promos will need a deposit to be made, however, you will receive a deposit match.
  2. Reload Bonuses – The most common bonuses available, reload bonuses will also give out deposit matches more often.
  3. Referral Bonuses – Finally, referral bonuses are excellent because once you invite new players to the platform, and they register and make a bet, both of you get a reward.
  4. Favorite teams predicted to win

    Any legal casino that offers sports betting services will ensure that you have an opportunity to bet on your favorite NCAA team during March Madness. Sports betting is not like playing in a mobile casino where you select lines and start praying to blind luck. When you bet on basketball, tennis or even sports teams, you need to use your experience and knowledge to predict games.

    One of the biggest favorites in the tournament is Virginia Cavaliers. Ever since Tony Bennet became their head coach, the team gradually moved up in the rankings. With each year, the team showed better results winning the conference four times since 2013. This year, the team comes in hot after topping the leaderboard of the Atlantic Coast conference and showing excellent team play.

    Duke Blue Devils is a team that should not be ignored! It is a strong team that has 7 NCAA championships and regularly takes TOP3 in the Atlantic Coast Conference. This year, the team is ranked 3rd in the regular season and wants to prove that they are still capable of winning. Their coach Mike Krzyzewski is one of the most decorated coaches in the history of NCAA.

    Oregon Ducks and Virginia Tech Hokies also have chances to win it all. However, both Ducks and Hokies struggled during the regular season and may not show up. Basketball betting experts think that Virginia will be the champions!