Interview: Former Flint Northwestern standout Desmon Farmer talks hoops with IJS

How much fun was basketball in Basketball City when Desmon Farmer and Kelvin Torbert played on the same high school team at Flint Northwestern?

I remember watching Farmer close out a city series win with a slam dunk dunk that knocked a bolt out of the rim. It wasn’t surprising at the time, of course, since Farmer and Torbert must have been averaging five or six dunks per game.

I was reminded of that game, that team, last week when I saw Chris McLavish, the Wildcats’ point guard, at a local Flinttown restaurant. He was pretty darn good himself and actually earned a D-1 gig in Alabama.

In any event, I digress. It seems that Farmer is still out there trying to get his NBA on.

From Mlive’s It’s Just Sports (click for full interview):

A lot of NBA teams left vacant roster spots, basically to save money because attendance is down. As the season goes on, do you think there might be some more opportunities for guys in the D-League when they might look to fill those spots?

That’s the whole reason for me coming to the D-League (instead of Europe). I knew they were going to be looking for guys when their players get injured. I passed up opportunities to play overseas because I still have that push for the NBA. I played with the Spurs last year, so that gave me some leverage as well. Being coached by (Gregg) Popovich, he’s one of the best coaches in the NBA, so I have that behind me as well. I feel like my chances of getting called up as a veteran NBA guy are better. I think veterans have a better chance than rookies right now because of the roster situation.