Laugher: Jordan Dumars ‘leaning’ toward UM over MSU and Detroit

This story is only funny for the thousands of basketball fans in Michigan who had the misfortune of watching that gaggle of misfits at Detroit Country Day for the past couple seasons.

On Monday, the Detroit Free Press reported that Jordan Dumars, a very average player at Country Day, is leaning toward going to Michigan after transferring from a University of South Florida program in turmoil

The Jordan Dumars saga is practically satire.

I’ve not talked to single basketball person who thinks that he’s good at basketball. They always just look at me and say, “well, that’s what you get when you’re an heir to basketball royalty.”

That’s what you get? A basketball scholarship when you’re father is a millionaire and you’re not that good at basketball?

It’d be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

Oh, and I’d choose Michigan too if I were him. They don’t have good players there, so he’ll fit right in.

Dumars’ transfer mimics that of Flint’s Anthony Crater, who left Ohio State for South Florida after proving to be a one-dimensional player in Columbus. The big difference, though, is that Dumars has no dimensions.

In six games for South Florida, he played 27 minutes and took eight shots — all from 3-point range. He made two. (For God’s sake look at his high school highlight reel: it’s all wide-open 3-pointers.)

He simply does not have the ability to play at the division one level. He can’t beat his man to the basket, defend or, to be honest, do the one thing that people tend to grant him — shoot.

He got a scholarship for being born, essentially. Merit be damned.

– Jared Field