Goodrich’s Andrew Patrick signs with Concordia

Andrew Patrick, Goodrich’s four-year varsity do-all guard signed his national letter of intent on Wednesday. He will be playing his college ball at Concordia University in Ann Arbor.

Patrick has been among the best players in the GAC Red since 9th grade and, for practical purposes, is a bit of a steal for Concordia. I thought Patrick could sneak his way onto a D-II roster, but give the kid credit — he wants to play.

I love this quote from his coach, Gary Barns: “The beauty of him playing there is he’s going to get to play. They want him. A lot of kids get it in their head they’re going to go Division I or Division II and find out everybody else is as good as they are…”

Patrick is averaging 17 points per game on the no. 6-ranked team in class B.