Michigan State loses to 5 1/2 guys at home

Can someone tell me how it’s possible for Michigan State to lose to a “team” comprised of 5 1/2 players?

Take a look at the box score from Sunday’s 74-67 loss to Ohio State. The Buckeyes had four players on the floor for all 40 minutes and still managed to pull out the victory.

This is at odds with conventional basketball wisdom, of course. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a team win big games without a bench — until now.

After the game, Coach Izzo referenced poor shot selection down the stretch and I’m quite sure he had a particular shot in mind: Kalin Lucas’ fall-away 18-footer that never had a chance. I’m amazed, to be honest, that against a team with one legitimate post player (who was in foul trouble, mind you) it was Kalin Lucas who took the most shots for the Spartans — 13.

At the end of the day, the Spartans would have had to win on the road against Purdue regardless of Sunday’s outcome. That being said, they NEVER win on the road against Purdue.

Eight losses (I’ve added Purdue)? I think that makes them a borderline #4 seed if the NCAA tournament started today.