Out of none, Manny: Harris at center of UM Sunday debacle

Look at the box score of Sunday’s embarrassing 64-48 loss on the road to Michigan State. Michigan’s leading scorer — ostensibly its best player —  was virtually nonexistent. Harris, a junior, scored four points on 1-for-10 shooting with four assists and three turnovers. Oh, and in case you need them: ZERO REBOUNDS in 33 minutes. (I guess Dylan at UMhoops.com had a similar response to the rebounding stat.)

How is that even possible? How can you play for that long and not accidently get a rebound? (What’s that you say? Taking plays off and being lazy on the defensive end? Oh. Well that makes perfect sense. Nevermind.)

Harris (and I hate to pick on him because everyone was awful) embodied all that’s wrong with Michigan basketball yesterday. Basketball in Ann Arbor is careless, insufferably boring and, worst of all, bereft of hope for the future. I trust that UM fans enjoyed the NCAA tournament last season, because I don’t expect the Magic Bus to be pointed in that direction anytime soon. Belein’s system, in case you didn’t notice, isn’t working in the Big 10 and he’s not recruiting talented enough players to keep me interested in any future returns.

You can’t score 14 points in a half against Michigan State, regardless of how good they are. You just can’t do it. And what is Michigan left with for next season? Just the hope that Manny Harris doesn’t leave early for the D-League.