Trey Zeigler: The ‘hero’ of Mt. Pleasant?

You have to love a good college newspaper.

The editorial board of CM Life, the newspaper of record at Central Michigan, recently penned this beauty regarding the recruitment of Trey Zeigler, the son of CMU head basketball coach Ernie Zeigler.

From CM Life:

In short, Trey could be the Mount Pleasant hero — at least while he’s here (college basketball players can declare for the NBA Draft at any time). Of course, the possibility of the No. 30 player in the country staying in Mount Pleasant is not exactly likely. But we hope Trey gives strong consideration to playing for his father at Central. There are benefits to be had at CMU despite its status among the upper echelon of men’s basketball programs.

My take: With all due respect, I think it’s a stretch to think that Zeigler could go to the MAC and dominate. The inference here is that he would go to CMU and leave, in short order, for the NBA. Anyone who would believe that about Zeigler hasn’t seen him play. I think it would be great for Michigan if Zeigler stuck around to play for any of our state schools. That being said, CMU folks need to take a smoke break on Zeigler. He’s not Harrison Barnes or Jared Sullinger. He’s a 6-4 shooting guard that doesn’t shoot the ball particularly well.