Trey Zeigler: The ‘hero’ of Mt. Pleasant?

Posted: April 9, 2010 by Jared Field in College

You have to love a good college newspaper.

The editorial board of CM Life, the newspaper of record at Central Michigan, recently penned this beauty regarding the recruitment of Trey Zeigler, the son of CMU head basketball coach Ernie Zeigler.

From CM Life:

In short, Trey could be the Mount Pleasant hero — at least while he’s here (college basketball players can declare for the NBA Draft at any time). Of course, the possibility of the No. 30 player in the country staying in Mount Pleasant is not exactly likely. But we hope Trey gives strong consideration to playing for his father at Central. There are benefits to be had at CMU despite its status among the upper echelon of men’s basketball programs.

My take: With all due respect, I think it’s a stretch to think that Zeigler could go to the MAC and dominate. The inference here is that he would go to CMU and leave, in short order, for the NBA. Anyone who would believe that about Zeigler hasn’t seen him play. I think it would be great for Michigan if Zeigler stuck around to play for any of our state schools. That being said, CMU folks need to take a smoke break on Zeigler. He’s not Harrison Barnes or Jared Sullinger. He’s a 6-4 shooting guard that doesn’t shoot the ball particularly well.

  1. Hoopsguru says:

    It’s all in the name. If he were Bob Smith, no one would even know who he is.

  2. PJR says:

    Think Zeigler’s best wing attributes are all the non scoring ones. That said, maybe too much emphasis is put on ppg for impact. Zeigler’s not taking the number of shots per game that a Jones or Appling or such is, and so doesn’t have the all important high ppg avg hype, but ponder scoring wise is more efficient. IF he becomes a good FG and FT shooter watch out!

    On a related note, I always find it interesting that sons of coaches have fundamental flaws. Just can’t see how a son of any coach would be a bad shooter. It’s typically an easy fix, from wherever the starting point is. When the player is your son it would seem an easy mandatory fix!

    • Jared Field says:

      Zeigler gets his shots every bit as much as Jones or Appling.

      • PJR says:

        So if “gets his shots” means 15-25 shots per game, yeah, but if it means matches Jones/Appling’s 25-35 shots per game, nope. But point is when you hit college ball and those 15-35 shots dry up to maybe 5 tops, and it’s something else that keeps you on the floor, Zeigler’s got more of the something else.

  3. Dantana says:

    Because Zeiglers free throw shooting and defense just scream “Play me!!!”……..NOT!

    • PJR says:

      Compared to the other three Mr. B’s, who don’t play a lick of defense, Zeigler’s serviceable on defense at least. FG and FT shooting can be fixed. In fact, sometimes a poor shooter ends up with an advantage once his shot is fixed, this because when his shot was bad he was forced to use good shot selection to score. Again, it’s the other stuff besides shooting and ppg. For instance can’t see Mr. B Appling hitting the floor his frosh year due to defense, and when he does Izzo’s gonna quick hook him for his main scoring methodology, that being hanging out near halfcourt getting ready to cherry pick.

      • Jared Field says:

        This conversation should be limited to guys who have actually seen Zeigler play. As for Appling, he is actually the best defender in the Mr. B crop, for what that’s worth.

  4. ddawkins says:

    Didn’t he go 2-15 or something like that from the FT line in one game this year?

  5. PJR says:

    I’ve seen Zeigler play. And have seen the rest. You fellas keep going back to FG and FT shooting and I’ve said that something he has to fix. But none of you can say something about my main point, which is Zeigler’s advantage for college ball is the other things players have to do besides shoot. Seriously, who is Jones going to cover? Appling? McCallum for that matter. Don’t get this Zeigler too much hate and Jones/Appling/McCallum too much love with you GLHs fellas. You guys make is seem like Zeigler’s going to be a failure, and the others are shoe ins for success. I’d flip that unless you think USC, MSU, etc. are going to run their offenses through these guys.

    • PJR says:

      And Appling as best defender is a laugher. Most definitely Appling gave up the most points against, as most opponent guards where 15+, and many 20+ against him. Appling’s net might not even be positive, which is amazing given how much he shoots for puffing up his ppg. Many times he doesn’t cover the other PG because his D is so bad. Canada tries to hide him like Izzo hid Neitzel. Come on now, how about something credible.

  6. It Ain't Right says:

    Allen and Summers were poor defenders in high school too…. Appling will play d.

  7. actraiser says:

    I’ve never seen Zeigler play, but, according to what I’ve read on here, he’s not a particularly great shooter and hasn’t been overly committed to D. He also looks like he needs to put on some more muscle.. So is elite level athleticism the reason he’s being so highly recruited? Is he more of a slasher than a shooter? Seriously, I’ve been hearing about Zeigler for a while now but I don’t know anything about him =/

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