‘Big Twin’ to Delta: Pioneers lands another Saginaw product

If his first two commitments are any indication, Lonnie Griffin is attempting to do something his predecessors haven’t been able to do: Keep Saginaw kids in Saginaw.

After landing Heritage’s talented point guard AJ Thomas, the first-year head coach has received a commitment from Kwincey “Big Twin” Tucker of Saginaw Arthur Hill. Tucker, a bouncy 6-5 forward, showed flashes of potential as a senior, and is at least physically prepared to compete at the JUCO level.

In recent years, we’ve seen quality Saginaw players leave the area to attend junior college: Bobby Lewis, Jimmy Davis, Daniel west, Vonn Jones, Deonte Wesley, Antione Lundy, Torian Oglesby, Tyree “Juice” Wooten, etc. Maybe all that will change.