Flint basketball great Trent Tucker talks University of Minnesota sports

Because he’s settled in Minnesota where he has a very active charity, Trent Tucker’s name is sometimes overlooked in all of the “Who’s the greatest basketball player from Flint?” conversations that go on.

But Tucker’s resumé stacks up favorably compared to big NBA names from the city like Glen Rice, Jeff Grayer, Morris Peterson and Charlie Bell. Tucker won a title with the Chicago Bulls, he played with Michael Jordan and he’s still one of the best three-point specialists the league has ever seen.

Play4Brew, a University of Minnesota football blog, recently caught up with Tucker for a quick interview. I can’t embed the video here, but check out the link. Tucker, a Minnesota alum, talks about the team’s football rivalries as well as what it was like to be a member of the basketball team.

Here’s the link to Tucker’s foundation. He has major events all the time, including a recent charity poker tournament that he got Jordan to attend and play in.

– Patrick Hayes