Flint ballers profiled in Rivals/Michigan Preps

Patrick Hayes | Great Lakes Hoops

This might qualify as shameless self promotion, but it’s also Flint basketball-related, so I thought I’d pass on the links.

I’ve written two stories for Michigan Preps, the local branch of Rivals.com, this winter on some area basketball players. There is a subscription required to read the full text, but here are links and excerpts if you are a Rivals subscriber.

The first story was about the highly touted Flint prospects in the 2012 and 2013 classes, and whether they’d consider playing together at the same college, ala the Flintstones at Michigan State.

(Richie) Lewis, who moved into Flint Northern’s starting lineup midway through last season and, like Morris, is a point guard, believes the two could co-exist easily if they decide to play at the same college.

“I was talking to Central Michigan on the phone, and Man Man (Monte Morris) had been talking to them like 10 minutes before I called them,” Lewis said. “We played on the same AAU team and worked out good. Whoever got the rebound or got the ball between us, we’d just push it up the court.”

The other is a feature on Flint Northwestern guards Jaylen Magee and Syrus McDonald, two of the more underrated seniors in the state

With three big-time scorers on the team (Magee, Dominez Burnett and Dre Parks), finding them all enough opportunities is a delicate balancing act for any point guard, but McDonald doesn’t sweat it.

“I just have to find ways to get all of them shots,” he said. “I want to average a double-double this season (in points and assists), and with these scorers it should be easy to get the assists every game.”