Former Mott forward Fred Mattison to play for coaching legend Rollie Massimino

Posted: May 5, 2013 by Jared Field in JUCO, Mott
Mott's Fred Mattison.

Mott’s Fred Mattison.

Fred Mattison is heading south once again. The former high school standout forward from Anderson, South Carolina, spent one season at Mott and will finish his career in West Palm Beach, Florida, playing for hall of fame head coach Rollie Massimino at Northwood University.

Mattison led Mott to conference, state and district championships this season. He was named MCCAA Eastern Conference Player of the Year and was a member of the all-tournament team at the NJCAA Nationals in Danville, Illinois in March.

Massimino, now 78 years old, is a legend in the college ranks. He is best known for coaching Villanova to one of the biggest upsets in basketball history, a win over Georgetown in the 1985 NCAA National Basketball Championship.

Mattison, at a burly 6-foot-7, had significant lower-level D-1 interest. He did not earn the requisite amount of college credits, however, to qualify because of a failed stint at Kilgore College in Texas. Northwood competes in the NAIA.

Under Massimino, Northwood has compiled a record of 201-41.

  1. Freddie McCoy says:

    didn’t know this guy was still coaching, it figure with his college credits, he probably drop out his first year and didn’t complete his classes that term. I seen it happen with me step-daughter, she wasted a full year at Mott and it took her two year to get serious about school. Plus She turned down a scholarship to play basketball to college when she graduated from Flint Powers

  2. Fabloso says:

    So what do you think about John Taylor entering the NBA Draft????

    • Jared Field says:

      The same as I’ve thought for some time: It’s a long shot. I wish he had stayed in school, but there’s nothing from a basketball perspective he can do at that level that will help him.

      • Freddie McCoy says:

        I was right again. I told you on your post on February 17, 2013, that Taylor was giving up his senior season and enter the NBA draft. You and this guy named Terrance disagreed about this prospect of him entering the draft. I know ballplayers and I can read their body language because I was good ballplayer myself 25 years ago. What you failed to understand is that Taylor was tired of a non-competitive league which he dominate from time to time. If he play Div-1 this season, he maybe would have stay but I doubt it since he was also tired of school too. It doesn’t matter what we think, it is how he feel. I am going make another prediction since I am hot right now, Taylor is going get drafted very late in the second round, NBA teams like to pick an unknown from nowhere. Taylor will be playing in NBA development league or overseas.

      • Let me make one…he will be searching for a team after a draft where no one will know his name in it. He will find a team overseas

      • Freddie McCoy says:

        Never underestimate an NBA scout plus he has a well known Sport Agent who is already prepped him for overseas teams

    • ty williams says:

      I hope this works out for him…he has skills but its a lot of politics that he has to go through to get to the NBA level…

  3. Terrence says:

    John Taylor isn’t even getting invited to the combine, so that’s strike 1

    John Taylor as said in the story needs to gain 20 pounds before he can set foot on an NBA floor…strike 2

    John Taylor’s frame isn’t made for him to add 20 pounds and him keep his quickness…strike 3

    John Taylor isn’t a true PG, undersized and isn’t overly quick or strong enough far as NBA standards to make up for his height at the NBA level…..strike 4

    Taylor will not get his name called in the draft, he MIGHT get invited to NBA summer league, and if not I see Taylor in the NBDL or overseas…..once again he will NOT get drafted.

    Doug Anderson has a better shot at being drafted before John Taylor, as Doug is a freak athlete at any level of basketball, Taylor has no standout ability about him when it comes to the NBA.

    Cmon now Freddie, I’ve explained this to you a million times.

    • Freddie McCoy says:

      Hold on Terrance, you said two month ago, that Taylor was not going enter the draft. I never said that Taylor going make the NBA but only that he was giving up his senior season,that he might get drafted and his future is overseas. Terrence, they have many pro league overseas in every European counties, England, Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Russia, China, Turkey, Australia,etc. I do agree with about Taylor being light in the ass, he will get killed at 160, the last guy I seen great at that weight was Iverson and he was ultra quick

  4. Freddie McCoy says:

    it also depends on how well he do at Pre- draft basketball camps, those NBA camps will make you or break you. My Nephew, Nate Duhon said he is got game but is too little. John Taylor reminds me of David Rivers, star player from Notre Dame in the late 80’s, who play briefly for Lakers but made his mark overseas. Him and Taylor has the same build , same height and same style of play.

  5. fatman says:

    I’m certain the NBA is just a dream but if the guy has no further interest in college (degree) and basketball is where he thinks his future is, then this is a good plan. Getting an agent now while he has great numbers from this past season gives him the best shot at a nice gig overseas. I wish him all the best that a GRCC fan can muster.

  6. Marvin's College says:

    This is one of those things that could go without saying but Fred should be able to fit right in with that Coach Massimino thanks to his playing here @ Mott. My question would be: Does that conference play their championship games on T.V.?

  7. Terrence says:

    Yes Overseas is def where Taylor is headed.


    • Freddie McCoy says:

      I never said he would, Terrance, all I said that he might get drafted in the second round and before you go to far on this, just because you get drafted in the second round, doesn’t mean that you are going make it in the NBA

  8. Terrence says:

    Freddie, he has NO CHANCE man, your saying he might, that’s even not remotely true.

    Guards like:

    Myck Kabongo
    Ray McCallum
    Pierre Jackson
    Phil Pressy
    BJ Young
    Nate Wolters
    Isaiah Canaan

    Are all fighting for 2nd round slots, Taylor isn’t as good as none of those guys to be honest, and they are fighting for 2nd round spots, Taylor possibly isn’t even on any scouts radar just to be honest.

    • Freddie McCoy says:

      wrong again, Terrance, I just read on, that he draw a few NBA Scouts to his games this season at Fresno Pacific and a long shot of getting drafted. I will stated again, it really don’t mean that he will make the NBA or not. He need to leave college and play overseas. He is one of the players that is always looking for a challenge and he need to play against better players to really range his talent and then we can say he was good but not that good. If he was rated the #6 best player in Chicago when he was senior in high school, he always got a chance

  9. Sea Livin. says:

    Some of the players are taking classes in college that the high-school people told them will be the future job market (and find out they were wrong because of outsourcing or other reasons)
    . Realistically speaking, some of these players simply cannot complete the degrees they are striving for in the legal time allotted them per basketball rules.
    Why? Teachers are being laid off left and right and…..unfortunately they are NOT prepared for college when they get there. It’s good that Mott has started a reading skills class after 90 years of operation. Many times a Coaches toughest challenge isn’t the championship but to keep the player up with the pace of learning.

  10. Freddie McCoy says:

    wow, looking at the Top 100 NBA Prospects in 2013 Draft, I now realize that Taylor don’t care if he get drafted or not, he is setting himself to play overseas for next season

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