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The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Jordan Dumars, the son of former Pistons’ star Joe Dumars, will be a walk-on at Michigan. Oh, and he’s a 3-point shooter, apparently:


Dumars said he is a three-point shooter and that’s why U-M coach John Beilein’s offense fits him well.

Truthfully, I can say that I’m a Pulitzer Prize winning writer, though just saying it doesn’t make it so. (Neither does saying Belein’s offense is for shooters — he’s not in West Virginia anymore.)

And have you ever seen a walk-on get in the paper and talk about going to a system that fits his game? What about talking about his short list of schools — the schools he’s leaning toward.

It’s laughable.

I say shame on all the media lapdogs who have hyped Dumars for three years because he’s his father’s son. It’s a complete joke.


This story is only funny for the thousands of basketball fans in Michigan who had the misfortune of watching that gaggle of misfits at Detroit Country Day for the past couple seasons.

On Monday, the Detroit Free Press reported that Jordan Dumars, a very average player at Country Day, is leaning toward going to Michigan after transferring from a University of South Florida program in turmoil.

The Jordan Dumars saga is practically satire.


Last month when I penned a UM basketball preview for Mlive’s It’s Just Sports blog, I worried that I wasn’t giving the Wolverines enough credit.

Here’s the gist: I didn’t they would be any better than the 21-14 team I watched last season. I thought that team overachieved.

The fact is, this team is far worse. After Michigan’s embarrassing loss to Utah last night, I’m further convinced that this team’s ceiling is actually the roof at Madison Square Garden during the NIT.

John Belein’s driver seat in the Magic Bus is getting hot, real hot.