UM Basketball: ‘Magic Bus’ under warranty through 2016

I guess I don’t understand the nuts and bolts of how universities handle coaching contracts, but why was it necessary to extend John Belein’s contract with the Wolverines before the season is over? Or better yet, before their new A.D. takes the reins?

I mean, I think the guy’s a good coach, but I’m pretty sure other schools aren’t beating down the door to get him to jump ship. He’s been in Ann Arbor for three years, recruited very poorly and has, as a result, a pretty average program with limited buzz among basketball fans in the state.

It’s bad optics, too, coming on the heels of UM’s loss at home to Northwestern

People who defend Belein and the “Magic Bus” tend to talk about what he’s like as a guy. How nice he is, etc. This is big-time college basketball, folks. If you’re a major recruit, is Bill Nye The Science Guy going to be able to convince you to come to Ann Arbor? Doubt it.