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Here’s an interesting read from Hotbed Hoops, reiterating a case made at that Gibson deserves more minutes because (pause for effect) he’s actually been productive.

Of course the problem with Zack Gibson has always been consistency. I’ve been saying for years that if he could just bring his ‘B’ game every night, Coach Belein would have no choice but to make him a starter.

He’s done that so far this season, in limited minutes, and yet he hasn’t been rewarded for it.

Prior to this season, Gibson had been prone to lapses and often displays a softness that will render a Big Ten frontliner obsolete. Maybe he’s a different player altogether, but will Belein alter his gameplan? I can’t lie, I still see him as a soft player, but the numbers seem to tell a different story.

ANN ARBOR, Michigan — I spent a couple hours in Crisler Arena last night watching a team that I’m certain won’t make the NCAA tournament.

The University of Michigan lost to a pretty average, at least by ACC standards, Boston College squad that will itself probably just sneak into the tournament.

What’s Michigan’s problem? Simple: They don’t have much talent. I know that Coach Belein is supposed to be able to win without much of it, but even he won’t be able to get this team to the NCAA Tournament.



Zack Gibson is trying to finish his college career strong.

Former Grand Blanc big man and currently senior center at the University of Michigan, Zack Gibson, with a little shop talk from an interview with Mlive’s It’s Just Sports blog.

Gibson is a boring interview, but if he can turn in a consistent season in the post for the Wolverines, they could make a nice little run into the NCAA tournament.

Michigan’s biggest player, sophomore Ben Cronin, isn’t quite ready yet, and so they’ll need Gibson to be their main man in the middle. They can’t expect double-digit rebounding efforts out of Manny Harris every night.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Manny (Harris) and Deshawn (Sims) obviously get a lot of the attention when Michigan is talked about nationally, but there are some other players on the team who can score. Do you think maybe the team gets overlooked a bit?A lot of our guys can score and when they try and double Manny or (Deshawn), they’re going to find guys who are going to hit open shots.

Growing up in the Flint area, which takes pride in the basketball talent it produces, how’d that impact you as a player or were there any guys you grew up watching locally?

You know, you got all the Flintstones and everyone knows them. I just think it’s a good area for basketball, and I grew up with a lot of competition. That’s the only way to get better, playing good competition.

— By Jared Field | Great Lakes Hoops