Standouts from Bankhoops camp in Swartz Creek

Here’s a late recap of Steve Bell’s Bankhoops Camp at the CAGE. Great event overall. A few thoughts: lots of height, but no big really stood out besides an obvious few. Also, 6’2” has never been so short. Next year, Steve needs to take the shoes and socks off of each kid and measure them head to foot. I’m 6 foot and a half inch and felt like I towered over several 6’2” kids. You’re not doing yourself any favors by fudging your heights kids – we can tell. Additionally, big ups to the high GPAs. And to those of you that have GPAs under 3.0, crack a book open from time to time. You may be able to get by in the classroom, but the ACT will expose you. Finally, a big boo to the local talent for not showing up. You missed out on a golden opportunity. I hope laying around your house on a Sunday afternoon was somehow more beneficial for your basketball future.

Jeff Long 5’6” Freshman Corunna

Really nice little point guard. String frame and a nice acumen for the game. Could give Corunna a rare option at point guard for the future.

Brandon Hill 6’0” Senior Grand Blanc

Nice guard that started slow, but showed his sticky hands in the second half of the day. When a game gets fast, that’s when Brandon excels. Quality person and an interesting option at guard.

Keegan LaBlance 5’6” Junior Charlevoix

Was hoping to see him dominate in the two-ball drill, but he didn’t. Not a huge knock since no one else did either. Didn’t notice Keegan too much the whole day, but have to mention him since he’s one of my favorite players in the state. Shooting range is just past half-court. Gutsy competitor that plays way beyond his size and years.

Montel Smith 6’2” Senior Lansing Waverly

One of the more unsung talents in this class. Freakish athlete that needs to put on a few more pounds to become dominant. Really nice prospect.

Vince Adams 6’1” Senior Flint Powers

Really nice player, that has been stuck in the shadow of Patrick Lucas-Perry for the past few years. Vince brings a lot to the floor and deserves way more attention as a recruit then his high school minutes indicate.

Chris Hass 6’3” Junior Pellston

Just keeps filling the net. If you need points, look at this kid. Was the most potent scorer on his loaded scrimmage team.

JD Tisdale 6’2” Sophomore Flint Northern

Was probably the best underclassmen in attendance. He never had a problem getting to the rack, but now he’s finishing with confidence. Very difficult guy to defend in this age group because his length indicates forward, but there’s none that can check him up top or on the move, and no guard can handle his size. Big time prospect.

Luke Ryskamp 6’3” Sophomore Schoolcraft

Probably the second best underclassmen I saw. Just a real gamer. Has a nose for the hoop and plays way more physical than most kids his age are willing to.

Zach Hurth 6’1” Senior Lansing Catholic

Loved the way he stood out, running his scrimmage team. Good things happen when this Steve Nash-clone has the ball in his hands.

Steve Repichowski 6’4” Junior Lansing Catholic

Perhaps the most talented of the LCC trio in attendance. Steve is long and a finesse guard. Keeping things a little more simple would help his already dangerous game.

Mike Shaw 6’4” Senior Lansing Catholic

Scrapper who contributed on that aforementioned loaded scrimmage team. Shaw made an impact doing the dirty work when his usually reliable outside shot wasn’t falling. His versatility make him a really nice player to have on a roster.

Brad Hohman 6’4” Senior Pinckney

One of the more talented guys at the camp that stood out on that loaded scrimmage team. Kind of a poor man’s Nick Freer. Hohman can hit from deep and finish above the rim.

Alex Williams 6’2” Senior Benton Harbor

Liked his physical, yet athletic game. Will be a really nice get for some school next year.

Cory Starkey 6’7” Senior Petoskey

Probably the top player overall at the camp. Played a little out of position inside, but like the toughness and willingness, these days, inside. In the drills, showed really good athleticism, not so much with bounce, but with his ability to cut and move with or without the ball. Definitely a guy with a lot of upside. Kind of reminded me of Mike Bramos without the bounce.

Jason Pretzer 6’10” Senior Jenison

Probably the only sure-fire division one prospect in attendance. Great size and fundamentals. Pretzer will be nice for some division one program.

Chris Milon 6’6” Senior Novi

Chris improves everytime I see him. Nice length and improving ability on the wing. Has a pretty high ceiling if you ask me.

Trevor Manuel 6’5” 8th grade Summit Christian

Not sure about this Summit Christian thing, but whatever. Manuel looks physically like a stretched out Ray McCallum. Lean frame that makes me think his future is on the wing, but he did fine inside most of the day against bigger and more physical sophomores.

Fred Perkins 6’8” Senior Burton Atherton

Stood next to 6’7” guys all day and towered over them by two or three inches so something doesn’t add up with the heights. Fred impressed some scouts here and there with some nice plays, most notably a two-hander that made the rim apparatus tip forward. Fred has a high ceiling since basketball hasn’t been his only passion and he won’t be eligible this season for credit reasons. You can thank a Flint-area coach that tried recruiting Fred, then turned him in on this technicality when the big man decided to stay loyal to Atherton.

– Gavin Raath, GLH